Whats involved with being a safety rep?

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    Hey guys Im John, new on this forum as well as UPS itself, 20 years old. I was recently hired as a loader in May at the Lawnside hub in NJ. Finally got a somewhat permanent spot with peak coming and our volume has picked up a little, so they brought a few trucks back to my belt. Today, my new supervisor asked me if I'd be interested in being the safety representative for our metro. I told him that I am but I just need to know more about it and he said he would come back to me with more info. So I dont know if someone told him to ask me, or if he wanted to. He didnt really know all the details when I asked. If anyone knows more before he gets back to me, that'd be great. Thanks
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    It means more money for you. I'd take it and know in your mind that UPS speaks out of both sides of it's mouth. On one hand, they talk a LOT about safety. And they spend a lot of money on safety issues. And yet, when the chips fall, they almost ALWAYS fall on the side of counting the beans. Production beans. "Yeah, of course, be safe, but you HAVE to get done with your over dispatched load, or you will be in the office tomorrow. And BE SAFE, of course.

    The guys I know in feeders who are on the safety committee get 12 hours a day whenever they want.
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    Judging by that I guess I should take it then lol. I needed a 2nd job since loading isnt full time, and was planning on being a driver helper just for peak, which would have still left me looking for another job come 2013. I'm just curious as to why they picked me (Not complaining by any means)
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    They picked you because you are only 20 years old and have only been working here for 4 months.
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    I've been part of the safety committee for over threeyears now, I enjoy it. It gives you a chance to have your say about safety inyour area or building. Years ago we had luncheons and activities to make ourmeetings more fun. But they cut the budget and that was taking away. Have fun,and ask around in your area about safety concerns, and bring it up at yourmeetings.
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    Good or bad...I want to make sure its not some trap lol. Plus what it involves, all I've heard is paperwork. And would it be along with loading, or just another job altogether.
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    It would be in addition to your regular job.

    But first ask yourself what Upstate brought up:

    Why are they asking me (a 20 year old new guy) to do this?
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    Who cares why they asked you? Paperwork clicks on the time clock just like physical work does. Anything you do regarding safety is paid-for-time. They want you to spread their message. So what, The safety message is reasonable, even if they put that message second on their priority list. Suck it up. Seriously, fill as much of your time up as you can with it.
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    All kidding aside, you will learn things, but most
    of the people you work with don't care. Most of then
    don't stay, You should try it, if it don't work out just
    tell them it's not for me. good luck
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    Trust me, you will wonder if it is all a joke. But your job on the safety committee is to convince hourlies to follow the methods, not to hurry and to take care of themselves. Get paid, but take it seriously.
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    Your job will be to tell people who've been doing their job safely since before you were born that they are doing it wrong and getting to sit in an air conditioned office while doing it.
    Ps. Don't burn your fingers cooking them hotdogs.
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    its none of your bussniess get some time in then worry about it are you a part time emt fireman if your not just do your job and mind your own fbomb busniess
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    Gotta love Rocket
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    what is wrong with you?
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    and they want to make you a part-time sup as well.
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    Just like how they pick there PT SUPS.
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    That's right. If you don't like him you definitely have issues because he is funny as fruck.
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    Nothing he is f ing hilarious.
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    If you don't mind perpetuating double-standards, then go for it. They say it's all about safety, but that's only when it's not cutting into their profits.