What's It Like.


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Hectic ! But pays well. At 17 you are to young to get hired. At 18 you can apply for a loader position. Driver job would be aways off for you. However get your feet in the door first, work hard, keep your nose clean and one day you might make it to the "holy grail" (Driver) .I drove for 34 years,now retired .


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I'm a 17 yr kid maybe thinking about joining the brown, What's it like being a UPS driver?

As far as I know, you cant be a driver until youre 21 since we deliver alcohol and other things that require a 21 year old to accept it. But like 34 said, youre young enough to get your feet in the door in preload. Get some seniority under your belt, become a driver, retire early as a multi-millionaire (if you save your money right and invest).