Whats more important over allowed or SPHOR?

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    At my center there are times when a driver can run sometimes a half hour under but still not make "certified" sphor. Due to him/her not making sphor he has been threatened with a warning letter. I guess I don't get it and just have to laugh! Thanks for your input in advance!
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    It depends on what day it is.
  3. Who cares....really...if you do what you are supposed to do..........tell them to pound sand!..............thats what I do!That way they will leave you alone and bother somebody else!
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    Company is saying since driver was "certified" a certain sphor he/she should run the number every day. center manager says this is two levels of performance that has been upheld in a grievance hearing. Seems that even following methods and doing what you are suppose to do still isn't enough.
  6. Safety first??.....unless it screws up your. SPHOR! Honestlyits like playing MONOPOLY wit5h a 2 year old. Everytime you pass go...................its a different set of rules!
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    ​Your point?
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    are you doing your Upstate impression again??
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    It's a cross of Upstate and Integrity.

    ​Absurdity with a mean streak!
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    100% agreed. It's like that with everything. Safety first....protect the egress till we get buried neck deep in packages, then stack bulk outside the truck or pile the slide six feet high until someone trips n gets hurt...then you weren't following the rules.
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    I call the short bus special with a sprinkling of summers eve, but that's just my opinion lol.
  12. My point is....................................F..em. I dont care anymore...I do my job .....collect a check.....and let the bean counters worry about that stuff. Sad but true.
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    Who cares.

    If you put in a honest days work and don't get hurt or hurt someone else you had a good day.
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    Are you a new hire?
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    Around my center, the slowest guy in the building does everything by the book. He knows the contract in and out. He should be steward sadly that is not the case. They don't bug him because they know he knows nothing about production. Yet, it is obvious management doesn't like him and they're always :censored2: off.. As well as the other few drivers in his area who have to do his work included!
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    Can I interest you in a beer and a midol, sir? Lmao
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    Both are meaningless snapshots of nothing.
  18. Its a very poor Upstate impression. First you have to negative Rep everyone. Second you have to post a bunch of stupid crap. Third. you have to write a 45000 word post describing whats wrong with everyone on BC. AND last but not least.........you have to be a BIG POOPIE HEAD!.................You got one out of four! Guess which one???...LMAO
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    You forgot writing a chapter of a book outlining how pathetically sad your life has become, giving your opinions about 76 members and how much you think they suck and storm out the door....then come back 3 weeks later like it never happened. And continue to be a giant douche like you just signed a new contract with summers eve!! lmao.
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    The only thing important is you make it home safe to your family. Those numbers can and will be changed. Those are there numbers not yours.