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    So as a UPS employee I naturally think that FedEx sucks! However I am what you would call bias. Yesterday though I was inundated by two separate customers on how they view FedEx. Lets just say that it was not flattering for FDX.

    The first lives up in the mountains and she said she always requests UPS but a shipment earlier in the week slipped through on the FedEx Ground truck. Apparently the driver left all seven of her boxes out at the gate in the rain and mud. If that was not enough the boxes also were completely damaged (her words). Now her gate does open and you can drive in to the house with no problems.

    Second lady just moved into the golf course I deliver from Kentucky. She couldn't stop saying what a great company UPS is compared to FedEx (music to my ears), but one thing she said really hit me. She said that our level of professionalism is unmatched and that we are even great with the kids and always have time to interact. She even said "it's as if you guys are trained on how to interact with children".

    Well In both cases I inserted my point of view, and this is what it is. FDX does not have a business plan built around service. They just want the stuff delivered and thats it. There Ground and H.D. drivers are not even employees and in most cases don't get paid by the hour so there is no incentive to take more time for anything. As far as Express drivers they seem over extended by ever widening delivery areas and also don't have the time.

    So maybe I'm wrong but I highly doubt it.
  2. klein

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    You make it sound as if UPS trains drivers to interact with customers. That is not the case at all.
    And if you have that much time to interact with customers, then that's great for you.
    Most drivers don't !

    Yes, the odd conversation does take place, but no driver can afford to do that all day long.
    Most of the time it's "gotta go" !
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    So then, you've had your pre-concieved notions of FDX confirmed. What's the problem? Seems UPS has nothing to worry about and FDX will be a footnote in the history of thetrucking industry within the decade.
  4. Brown287

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    Wow BbSCAM it seems as though you take my post personally. Does it hurt your feelings that private citizens have seen through the purple and green and seen the truth.

    The ironic thing is that I have always viewed us at UPS as always being on the go. I guess that it really comes down to what you do with the time you interact with customers. Service is all we have in this line of work, so for your own survivability you better make the most of it.
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    Brown287 Im not the Mail Man!

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    Klein, it is possible to do both. For example, I was delivering to a bulk stop yesterday and the receiver had a question about a delivery a few weeks ago. There is a pkg that we show them signing for that they are saying they did not receive. I was able to both deliver the stop and answer his question at the same time. Customer service does not mean you stand around and BS all day but it also does not mean that you are in and out like the flash. You can always make that time up when doing your residential stops.
  7. klein

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    Ofcourse you got to answer questions, and yes make up the time at resi's if possible.
    We have so many brokerage cod's here, it's awlful.
    Then most times you need to explain why there is a brokerage fee, and they need to look for a wallet or check.
    Before you know it, no lunchbreak , again !

    On the other hand, when I first got the route, I went into a commercial place, and the receiptionist asked me what I was doing there.
    Told her I had a package for her, from such and such company.
    She said, again, why am I here ? I looked bluffed !

    She said she only gets Fedex delivered, and only wants fedex delivered , period !
    And she was going to complain to the sender.

    Never did find out what she had against UPS, though. I was just happy to get out of there, she was really being a nasty b.... about it.
  8. bbsam

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    Hurt my feelings? LOL. Um. No. As long as we continue to gain market share and I make more money year after year, I will suffer your anectdotal "evidence". We may have to weed out some in our ranks, something that would be impossible with a union, but still, go ahead with your presumed superiority. I'm in business. I don't "feel" when it comes to work.
  9. Brown287

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    Interesting point of view since according to FedEx's own reports not only your growth but your profitability have begun to stumble, but ok. If you think that our union makes it impossible to remove employees due to incompetence, you my non-friend are grossly mistaken.
  10. klein

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    Sounds like UPS is sort of like the US government :

    source :
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    Maybe Express' but not Ground's. Numbers in business rarely tell the whole story though. One needs to look deeper not only on the expense ledger, but also on the liabilities to see the true picture. And I really don't understand your hostility beyond not liking Fedex. If you have such a low opinion of our capabilities, then we aren't a threat, are we? So you and those in Atlanta can ignore us and eventually we will implode. What's the big deal?
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    Well Brown as a employee of a Independent Contractor that delivers for FedEx Ground wearing their uniform and drives a truck with their logos on it I can tell you I think FedEx sucks too. I have come across these complaints multiple times usually about the HD driver who will leave peoples packages right in plain view. I have a route that is 95% business so I dont get much resi and even though I am paid not so well for my time I have enough common sense to keep a package out of sight however it dosent help that we have to leave little post it notes on peoples doors and the average citizen is smart enough to figure out there is a package at that door which is why we had alot of theft this peak people were looking for post it notes then swiping the boxes.

    That being said if I was making a hourly rate, OT, and benefits I would be a little more customer service orientated. Right now I basically run back and forth to doors because I want to get done and get home and feel like I made more than minimum wage. People love the UPS Guy because he is friendly and customer service orientated and always takes the time with the public lets face it 30 bucks a hour buys alot of loyalty not to mention 45 bucks a hour OT. Now in no way do I believe I should make what the UPS guy does I am simply not as busy my 90 to 100 stops a day dosent come close to the 150 stops and 50 pickups the UPS guy by me does. However I believe I should make more than minimum wage.
    For what you guys get paid I am sure at the end of the week when you crack open those 1500 dollar checks, the time you took to help out and answer questions was worth it. It will never be that way at Ground all they want is warm bodies to put in sits to deliver so thats what they get if they want customer service to than can pay more, until they do I will just say no habla english.
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    FedEx is a company that is in business for market share period. Its all about the stock holders. We are in no way shape or form as busy as UPS. Know sam you know as well as I do a union is not the necessary evil you make it out to be. Take a poll of FedEx Ground employees oops I mean drivers of contractors. You have a driver who would be more than willing to pay 80 dollars a month for a decent wage, OT, benefits, paid holidays, paid vacation, and sick days. This driver therefor would be more customer service orientated and probally get you more business and he would be more productive because he would feel he was getting his worth and had a career. A union dosent keep you from weeding out the crap in the ranks but ask yourself dont you think as a business man you would be more sucessful if you had a group who felt they had a career over a job. You dont feel because your a business man guess what at the end of the day your employees wont go the extra mile for you because if you dont feel than neither do I.
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    Hey Brown its simple if people use FedEx Ground because its cheaper then they will end up getting it cheaper that includes service too.:wink2:
    Are you enjoying all the pickup service you got back from us after Peak? Maybe I should of given you a sales lead...lmao
    If we were treated fairly than maybe we would give better service but it all comes down to you get what you pay for, besides I have a 2nd job to get to just so I can makes ends meet, And the public whats better service from Ground geez I am just giving them what they pay for.
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    I was covering a pick up route that I have never covered before last night and went to one shipper who ships about 500 pkgs a day with ground, about 300 a day with express, and about 20 a day with ups. I asked the shipping manager why they use ground instead of ups, and he said "UPS s-cks". He said whenever they get a package returned from ups for whatever reason, the packages are destroyed. He went to state that this never happens with fedex, though I am sure he was going a little overboard for my benefit.
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    Yes I have heard that too and the reason most of their packages dont get destroyed with Ground is simply because our trucks are not as full as UPS trucks. Trust me its not because the load and unload is more careful.


    We are told to drop and run...simple as that. Interaction with customers leads to lates, and lates lead to OLCC's. On a side note, what is this new emphasis on SOS stops?
  18. Mr. 7

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    You haven't heard? SOS is the new P1
  19. MrFedEx

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    They're very focused on stand-alone P2 or SOS delivered during the P1 cycle. Morons that they are, they can't seem to "get it" that couriers mix stops because that's the only way they can get it all done. Hellooooo...
  20. Mr. 7

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    Wow, they must really brain-wash you guys over there or, you're fairly new and all "Rah-Rah. Go big brown!". As an Eggspress employee, I get along great with all the UPS drivers in my area. Heck, I've even helped them carry freight into and out of places if they needed a hand and I was going right in or, right out the same door anyway. Heck, those guys and girls are doing twice the work I am on a slow day for them.

    I tell my customers "If it's big and heavy, and you don't care when it gets there, ship it ground or UPS. If it's important, ship it Express". I have no ill feelings toward UPS just because I work for Express. I do have an issue with the USPS, I think those guys suck-diddly-uck.

    Big deal. For every anti-Fedex (air or ground) story you've heard, I've heard just as many anti-UPS stories. To each their own. You know what I see a lot? Toner cartridges going out with a pre-paid UPS return label sitting right at the front desk of a businesses. I see these boxes sit there for days. I even ask the people "Didn't UPS come in here today?" Answer: "Yup, but the driver said they were too busy to take the box". Or, some other excuse like "They'll get it next time".

    I don't give a damn who ships with who. It is weird, though, how people are definitely divided. I guess TV advertising really does work on the general public's psyche.

    That is a sad story. All I can say is maybe that driver didn't know that the gate opened. Maybe that driver was a swing/fill-in/temp. Was there a code to the gate?

    One thing I notice about X vs. UPS (the following may not be true at every sta. but, it is at mine) is that X keeps the same guy, on the same route, in the same truck, until that guy elects to leave that route. What that means is that I've been on my current route for 3 yrs. I know what door to go to, who has dogs, and where to put, or not put packages. Heck I even know where some people live and work on my route and if I have something going to their house that needs a sig., I will usually bring it to their work if I'm going by there later anyway. What do you thing about that Brown? I must be one hell of a Purple Promise dude, huh? I've got this big purple cape with a giant letter X on the back. Bah ha ha. Who cares, I'm just trying to get the damn package off the damn truck so I don't have to go back to the same damn place tomorrow.

    With UPS it seems like they will put a different guy on a different route on a whim. I've lived in my house for about 6 yrs. and have had at least 4 different UPS guys. All I'm saying is the more you know your area and stops, the better the performance will be due to repetition and route knowledge.

    Again, big deal. Here's a story I get a lot with people with dogs. I show up and their dog is eagerly awaiting me to pull a treat out of my pocket. I don't carry dog treats. The owner's will usually jokingly say something like "Oh, the UPS guy gives the dog a treat". I tell them "Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't carry treats because when they're left in the truck at night, you get mice in your truck".

    Also, I'm not responsible for feeding your dog. And God forbid, I give your dog a treat and found out later, after he's dead, that the dog was lactose intolerant or something and I gave him Milk Bone with out asking you first. Also, if you touch a dog and it bites you, guess what? X gives you a warning letter for "committing an un-safe act". That's no joke, I've seen it happen.

    And for kids, I don't have any but, I interact real well with them. Was this something we were taught to do in our 2 weeks of courier school? No. (Do they even put UPS drivers through a school?) My big thing is if some little kid answers the door I'll say that I'm FedEx and I have a pkg for so-and-so. Then I'll say something like "Can you carry it for me?" Then, if I have time, I'll ask them if they can write their name on the screen for me. Parents get a big kick outta this. I even had a guy say that he'll use X from now on just because of that. I better call 800-Go-Fedex and turn them on to this massive profit-making idea, huh? :greedy:

    You should try it Brown, oh wait, writing on those boards is like trying to carve your initials into a picnic table with a butter knife, you best not steal that idea from me. :happy-very:

    Everyone is entitled to their view. And, you can tell customers whatever you want. Heck, even I tell people that Ground and Air are not the same and that ground guys are independent. Does it suck for the customer that I have to tell them that that's why I'm not picking up their ground package? Yes. Is this a major flaw with X's operating? Yes. Is there anything I can do about it? No. Do I take that package sometimes just to make is easy on the customer? Yes.

    I've learned that working for a global company has it's drawbacks, one of them is that nothing you think that will improve the company will ever get implemented. They have over-paid engineers to do that. X hired you from the neck down.

    Bottom line is, Brown, while we are a bunch of X guys on the "Brown Cafe", I don't think we need any threads that bash one company or the other. We all know there are good drivers and there are bad drivers. :peaceful: