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    Hello everyone- I have been a seasonal fulltime driver since 09/07. I have been paying my int. fees and monthly dues since that. Since that time I have been told by severl sups and managers that i was doing a excellent job, not even working a day over 8 (except 2 during peak) to make my numbers. I have been trying as hard as I can to get my senority, but it just seems that I get screwed everytime. My question what else can I do to get on fulltime? I was thinking about calling my local today to ask about all of this money and time I have put in to the company, and seeing what my options are, but wasn't sure if I should go down that route. To say that I have been ranked number one and that this time I will get my senority after peak , and then here I am sitting around with not even a call back from a sup is really upsetting and screwed up, especially with someone who has a family. Need help!! Thank You!
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    Welcome to the machine. Unfortunately, these are the games some management play to string you along to keep you "liquid". They like having people on call. It happens to a lot of guys here.
    Honestly we are all just a number to UPS. My sup even said this the other day in a matter of fact way and included himself in that equation. They really could not care less about your family situation when it comes down to making their numbers. As you know this is the toughest time of the year. Volume dies off and so does the work. They call it "silly season" here.
    Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. Give it time. I went through the same waiting game and it definitely got me down in the dumps for a while. Hang in there. It is worth it in the end.:wink2:
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    The deal is that you haven't been here 20+ years like everyone else in the company has...:happy-very: kidding, i'm in the same situation, same story..when it's your time, you'll get it. They won't just make an exception for guys like us when it comes to gaining seniority, Apparently UPS employees have a hard time commiting to retirement, they never wanna leave, but at some point, they will and then there will be openings for us ;)
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    Are you a permanent fulltime driver or a seasonal casual driver? The latter is a temp position that expires at the end of the calendar year.

    If you're permanent, then you are permanent.

    If you are temporary, then your employment should have ended 12/07.

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    I was told that if you work as a seasonal driver 3 times in a row, that you become a full-time driver. It may just be my supplement in New England but I thought it was for the most part nationwide.

    You'll get some posts from some stewards on here, who may help you pretty soon.