Whats the logic behind "use your own judgement" when

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    UPS will use that thing for them to get you?

    I have a friend that just called me and he works in a 'rich' neighborhood with lots of high rises,condos and apartments. A very nice neighborhood! There was a time that he just makes every attempt on each package. BUT recently, UPS told us (nationwide i think) that we need to eliminate send again and 'd.r.' the packages, it came to the point that drivers who has 10 or more send agains goes to the center manager office and gets warning every morning....

    To make the long story short, my friend got called in the office this morning and was harrased by loss prevention. Telling him that the packages he 'd.r' , most are missing (11 in short period of time). So my friend then asked him tom make ups their mind if they want him to 'd.r' or not. Loss prevention then answered and said "use your own judgement"

    Now, I see a gray area here, *** are we suppose to do? If we use our judgement, I know for a fact that if a package is lost (even in a safe place) that 'judgement' is still going to be wrong. So then, why use our own judgement when that judgement will be wrong no matter what?
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    Here, every year we have a to read and (supposedly) sign a printed out paper on the "Proper DR Methods". In that paper it says that a safe DR is determined by the driver. Of course if a package comes up missing they want to claim that it was not a safe place. They will do anything they can to avoid having to pay for the loss, even if it means bullying their employees.

    They have tried that threat of a warning letter here a time or two, then the majority of the drivers just stop DRing for a few days and the attitude changes.
    Just another fine example of UPS "integrity".
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    Use your own judgement gives you the flexibility to assess the situation and then decide if it would be safe to DR at this address. Trp was correct when he talked about the annual DR certification which outlines DR procedures. Do yourself a favor and read this before signing as its contents could come back to bite you if not folllowed.

    Reducing send agains has become a priority but it is still up to us to ensure that we are doing all we can to safely and securely deliver residential packages, to include alternate del locations and/or indirecting to a neighbor. If you don't think it is a safe DR, and can't get rid of it, leave the new notice and let the consignee make alternate arrangements.
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    A driver in my old center told me he would take pictures with his camera phone. he only dr's 15/20 a day.but it helps to have your own info. when you gotta fight back.
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    I agree with you 100% UpState, however the point is that if a consignee claims they didn't find the package, the company will do their best to say the driver should not have DRed the package or did it improperly.

    Once when I had this happen the OC sup came up to me as we were trying to exit the building. He stuck a paper under my nose to sign. He said it was an acknowledgment that I had a missing package claim at a given address. Being in a hurry to get out of the building I foolishly took his word for it and signed. Amagine the supprise when I received my pay check two weeks later and they had taken out the first 50 dollars of $100 deduction from my check to pay for the missing package. I was too embarased to fight it because I took his word and forgot part c. of rule #1, never sign anything.
    That won't happen again.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I find it so odd that most "nice" neighborhoods has the most stolen packages. Stuff like LL Bean and Amazon gets released, but electronics doesn't get left unless I can get a neighbor or someone to sign, just too risky.
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    That's my policy also.
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    i remember last week i looked at #7 summary, 220stops 160 DR. i never have problems, but as mentioned above when someone gets disciplined for a stolen DR we just do a day of use your "judgment" (instead of 160 dr, would bring 75 back as send-agains) then they leave us alone again...
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    How many drivers out there remember when there was no such thing as driver release?
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    Officially or unofficially?

    Mr. Knob

    Seems like I remember 1983 as the date when DR became official.
  11. back during peak i had a townhome complex that has over 1000 units over 5 blocks nice part of town all DR . well one day on my lunch a customer came up to me and stated that they have found empty ups box's in the bushes over that last few days.
    so i called my OC sup and he stated no to dr till he talks to LP he did not get back to me so about a week later i called and asked him what was going on and he stated well its dr right I stated yes then he said do your job i was like ok same thing whent on o well. after peak about jan they cought the people taking all the stuff there was a cop in the complex and found a guy like 35 and a girl 30 that lived with his mother in the complex they would walk around with a baby stroler and place the stuff in it he is doing time now so we may need to look harder at what is around us at all times
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    Package car driver job is nothing but a long list of double standards. It's set up for you(the driver) to fail. Make friends with it and get used to it OR get out of it. Its black and white - no gray area.
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    Just what happened to make you so negative about PC?
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    Many things over many years. I remember thinking to myself hundreds of times that things didn't need to be the way they were making it. It boiled down to me realizing that the job was broken and was unfixable. It came down to either making friends with the job or get out of the job. Black and white - no gray area. I made the right choices over the past five years and count my lucky stars daily to this day:wink2:
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    I made the same decision in the early 80's. Either go into feeders or head out the door because I could see that PC wasn't gonna get any better. Looks like I was right.

    Please forgive Upstate. He works out of a really tiny center in upstate somewhere. He may see a "suit and tie" every 3-4 weeks and doesn't have ties standing around with nothing else to do but screw with the hourly people. His concept of what the rest of us go through may be somewhat lacking.
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    I'm glad you did ... you might have a sh***y attitude if you had not! :happy-very:
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    LOL!! Hoax, you were in a mood yesterday!!!

    Hope you're doing better today!
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    I'm with ya driver. . . . . I do understand that different buildings and different centers with different management will have situations that will differ from everybody else's situation but I can tell you I ate alot of crap in the 10 years of PC. And like you said . . . .it doesn't get any better:whiteflag:
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    Not that odd if you think about it. Nicer neighborhood equates to more expensive items being ordered/delivered.