What's the max amount of paid days veteran drivers hit?

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  1. Grey

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    In terms of everything combined; Vacation, opt days, opt weeks and sick days? Thanks.
  2. scooby0048

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    All depends on your local and their agreements.
  3. brown bomber

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    734 days a year
  4. Mugarolla

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    In the Central, we top out at 6 weeks vacation, 1 option week vacation and 2 option days.

    We do not get sick days. So we basically get 7 weeks vacation plus 2 option days.
  5. Baba gounj

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    All the unpaid days off I want .
  6. joeboodog

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    According to my customers I am always on vacation.
  7. Re-Raise

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    In 710 we top out at 7 weeks plus 1 opt week and 3 opt days after 30 years. No paid sick days.

    I am there, and it still isn't enough.
  8. clean hairy

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    Southern 6 weeks vacation, 1 week option days, and 1 personal optional day.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Upstate NY

    6 weeks vacation
    4 personal days
    5 sick days

    Personal and sick days can be used interchangeably.
  10. superballs63

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    Seventy teen.

    Can't wait til I max mine out!
  11. oldngray

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    Me too!
  12. cosmo1

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    fixed it for you.
  13. Wally

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    I knew a driver with the nickname "Ghost". He took off so much, it messed up his pension hours.
  14. Gumby

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    We have one of those.
  15. nystripe96

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    804 we get 6 weeks vacation, 6 optional days, 6 sick days & one floating optional day we pick in January
  16. Gumby

    Gumby *

    6 weeks vacation. 5 sick days 5 personal.
  17. alwaysoverallowed

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    We had a guy like that to. He would show up, screw around with the manning, then go home. He would only work once a week if that; but when the new contract kicked in and had to work to keep his benefits everything changed. The real kicker was he had to order new uniforms. Why? Because he had only been wearing one for years and stretched it out and he didn't fit into the others. Classic.
  18. Jackburton

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    We have a bunch of those. I know at least 4 didn't get pension credits last year.
  19. Gumby

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    We finally had one quit. His wife was a lawyer,making big bucks. Good! Give someone else a shot at a full time job.
  20. MC4YOU2

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    At 25 years, 6 weeks @ 45 hrs, 1 optional week @ 40 hrs, 5 optional days, 5 sick days.