whats the perks of your route ? extra stops, miles or multi-one stop-pickups


I'm out in the country most of the day. Nice people, lots of beauty with time to think between stops, and many dogs that love the UPS man.

Captain America

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Hahaaaaaaaaha bwhahaaahaa hooooooo hheeeeee no sstop HAHAHAHAH!:biting: (snort,sob) The best thing is that I have one at all. I was a swing driver on 25-30 routes out of about 90 and at this time of year I might not have seen the same route twice for weeks. Plus there was always the "The newer guys can't do it, I don't have anyone to train ." Here is a map your pickup log and a boot in the rear "You can do it" and then I would have another route for my resume. No wonder I'm a little twitchy :w00t: Of course sups move on and now they think I know nothing, which is usually beneficial:punk:

Ms Spoken

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I know the people on my country route better than my own family that I don't see due to the long hours.
I just found out the other day that I have two kids and have been married for over 10 years. When did all this happen?
14 of my 20 years driving have been as a swing driver with 6 years somewhere in the middle with a bid RT. That 6 year stint was on an extended route out of a satellite center, made numerous friends and acquaintances. Good people in a small town atmosphere. I LOVED my job then. When they collapsed the Satellite I lost my area to higher senior people. To sum it up. the best perk for me is the people.

Bad Gas!

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The bottom 10 percent don't get to bid.You either get assigned to cover a crumy route or you swing drive for many crummy routes.....The best perk about my present route is I live on area.So, in the hot summers I can go home ,shower and change...I can hold off lunch til the wife has dinner cooked at 5-6,then go in..There are many advantages,but I make sure I don't take one minute over the lunch period because you never know who is watching..You have that on all routes....The best thing about most routes are the PEOPLE....They can make your day and you can make theres..They get mad at UPS mgt. just like you...

Brown Dog

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People. What goes around, comes around. If your courteous, concerned, amiable it comes back to you. Fresh air and somewhat being your own boss out on route are nice perks too. Most of my coworkers are honest, hardworking, dependable and gregarious.:happy2:
Will you get your own route when you get hired on FT pkg driver? or do you have to wait years to get your own route? how does it work?
As BadGas said, the lower 10% in seniority don't get to bid, they are either assigned to routes or become swing drivers by default. The bidding is done by seniority. After 19.6 years as a driver I an currently 28 ( I think) on the sen, list, not many decnet routes left by the time it's my turn to bid so I keep being #2 on the swing driver list. I usually get a pretty good run that way.

Bad Gas said, "They can make your day and you can make theres." I read somewhere that the easiest way to make someones day is to tell them they made yours. There just may be something to that.


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One of the best perks my old route happened every year when you got the 1st warm days of spring. I learned early on to always check the sunny side of the lake homes as that would be where the ladies liked to lay out in the sun. Caught many a lovely lass in various stages of dress. I always insisted on a signature. So I'm a pig- it worked for me:happy2: