What's up with the Christmas helpers?

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    Hey guys.....I would like your input on this. I've been a TCD for 3 years now in a fairly small hub. When I first started driving, I was pretty excited and eager to learn and drive more. I had everyone from senior drivers to district and regional guys telling me that "come peak season, you'll be on the road everyday." I even remember the TCD's before me driving every day from Oct. 1-Jan. 1. But all of a sudden, they figured out that its cheaper to hire a bunch of people off of the street, pay them a lousy wage and stick them with the "overloaded" drivers everyday. Now, I'm in my 3rd year of driving and I might get 3-4 days of driving from Oct. to Jan. Can they do this? My union steward says that several other TCDs are filing a greivance because they are violating the contract but I have yet to find it in the union book. He says that not only are they not using us, but they will lay off 5-6 seniors drivers and then call in even more helpers. He says that they are not aloud to do this. I never said anything about it before because I figured that they can do whatever they want during peak. Shouldn't they be using us first before they call in the helpers? Our steward says we have been the only center in the entire district that has done it. Anyhow, they are hurting us because we are not driving and making any money. What do you guys think? Thanks!!!!!
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    I know for a fact that they are obligated to use the laid off senior drivers, whether as helpers or double shifting (preload/metro). I am not quite as sure about your position as TCD but I would think that the same would apply. You would think they would prefer to use you, at least as a helper, due to your knowledge.

    I would definitely push your shop steward and BA to quickly push for an equitable solution to this situation as there are only 18 days left in this peak. I do hope things work out well for you and the others displaced drivers.
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    If your steward says that other drivers are filing, than file! If you dont you will not be awarded like the others who had stones to stand up for themselves when they were being wronged.