Whats ups like to work for in CDN?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by cudatd1980, May 28, 2012.

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    Whats UPS like to work for in canada? i got a job interview tomorrow for FT driver. UPS is setting up shop here in Newfoundland. I was told i would start off at 13.00h and after 3years be up too 27.50h workin 40-50h a week. This true? How r the days? Much slugging? After 40h is their time and a half? Right now iam making around Avg 760 a week workin 50h or more on a sales route for old dutch foods. Not sure if its a good move right now, but may turn out good in the long run. Anybody got any advice?
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    The biggest difference that we have compared to our American counterparts is the type of freight we get (I'm only speculating however). Around 30 percent of our freight come from the states which means a cod brokerage tag. They are ugly and costomers hate them, plus it slows down your day.

    Also, freight comes in late alot. We are not just shipping east and west in Canada, but north and south as well. This screws up daily dispatches - We do not get our international air here until at least noon

    The maritimes will be a great place to work until the honeymoon wears off. For the first couple years you will get catered to, then it will level off

    If you don't mind overtime, UPS will be ok for you - we basically work a floating shift. If you don't want OT, rethink your job choices
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    It's not the easiest job in the world, and you have to put up with a lot of BS. Overtime starts after 8 hours, and there is usually plenty to go around. It's also a big lifestyle change. You won't get to see much of your family around the holidays, and it can be a lot of wear and tear on the body if you don't do the job right. As far as comparing it financially to what you do now, in about 3 years you'll be scratching your head wondering how you ever lived on $760 a week.

    Good luck.
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    whats the company like if u had a doctors appointment or something mid-day?
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    Those will never happen unless the appointments are on your route.
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    They're fine, you would just need to request a day off or call in sick
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    I wouldn't change from Old Dutch. Atleast you aren't being babysit all the time as with UPS.
    UPS will call you into the office because you spent 23 minutes at 1 single location (little did they know, it was Walmarts address and I delivered 126 packages and received another 78 in return).
    They track you every minute.
    We had a diesel gas shortage for example, and I had to go out of my way to fuel up - again got called into the office.

    Stick with what you have, unless you want to be back in Kindergarten !

    And hrs we work in the Edmonton area - no breaks, 12 hrs straight, then spend 1 hr (after you done your route), at the warehouse spending it.
    You'll start around at 8am, and get home after 9pm.