What's wrong with the retirement Dept?


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Two drivers in my building submitted their request for a retirement amount.

UPSERS says to allow 3-5 working days to get it.

Both drivers have waited 6 weeks so far with no results.

Anyone else having problems?


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You have to bear with the retirement department. EVERY new retirement is treated like its their first attempt at doing one. They can't remember from one time to the next how the process works. Remember--these people aren't in any hurry--they aren't the ones retiring.


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Word of warning to everyone retiring.

Make sure you dot all your i's and cross all your t's. Make sure every document you need to have done has been recieved or processed.

In the west we have to send a certificate of retirement to our healthcare. We recently had two drivers that retired and this certificate was never recieved. They now have no retirement healthcare because of it. They were forced to buy it on the market.


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why wait 6 weeks? all you have to do is call your local and request an interview with a pension rep. they came to our local once a month. I went when i was about 3 years from retiring to get an idea of what my pension was and get an approximate date to go out.

that's what they did in Reno anyway.


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There was 1 person in HR who took care of the feeder retirements where I worked. She had been there 30+ years. She had it together. Haven't heard of any drivers who have had any issues here.