Whats your #1 wish for 2008 Contract

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 1980, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. 1980

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    What's number one on your wish list for the 2008 contract.I know there is alot for major issues (pension,hours worked,etc) but give me your MUST HAVE .I guess mine would be cash.Show me the money and leave everything else status quo.There is more to life then money but it is still the main reason why will are willing to bust our butts day in and day out.The rest of the issues I can deal with if need be, even though some could use improving.(mandatory overtime)One last thought because I know some pension plans need l help.You will need negotiated cash to fix them.Underfunding requires funding!
  2. Keepingthemhonest

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    MORE FULLTIME JOBS!!!!! either provide stronger 9.5 language to encourage more routes or...
    Why can't this company combine parttime hub rat jobs that are seperated by 8 hours or whatever(5am/pm-9am/pm)....call it a split shift fulltime combo like every other frieght company. If a driver with 30 years doesn't want the job because he'd miss out family events, don't bid on it, and let someone who perhaps goes to school during the hours inbetween have a garunteed 8 and fulltime wage progression ftw!
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't think we should expect to much out of the next contract. UPS will pretty much hold all the cards because of the pension mess so they'll definately have the advantage when negotiating. The two points I want addressed in the contract is pension and more full-time jobs. I won't be dissapointed if we don't get much of a raise, or even a raise at all, because we are already paid VERY, VERY well. It'll be hard to justify a hefty raise while also asking for a better pension. That is....assuming the union will be considering letting UPS take conrtrol of the pension.
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    How about........
    1)we shouldn't have to work until just before we die to earn a decent retirement.
    2) show me the money? Yeah, I know.......our company makes money faster than they can count it but aren't we paid relatively well already? I don't think we need a bunch of big raises....use that money for something else. Reduce mandatory overtime and more personal days off.
  5. I was hoping for some language in the contract for going back to part time.
  6. Coldworld

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    Treat us like EMPLOYEES, not like red-headed stepchildren. We are part of this whole thing called United Parcel Service. I think most people here would agree that most management does not care what we think, its just the whole bull****.."work as directed " phrase that pretty much sums it up. Hell, I would skip raises for all of the next 7 years if management would make an "honest and sincere" effort to make labor relations a positive thing for all employees of this company. Many of us have good ideas to help grow the business....READ: GROW THE BUSINESS, but nobody really cares about any opinions, or ideas.
  7. upsdude

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    I want a CEO that has actually worked as an hourly at UPS. I want center managers that are actually allowed to manage the center. I want a company that cares if I make it to one of my kid's school functions.

    Most of all, I really want to TRUST my employer.
  8. wornoutupser

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    I have to agree that the pension is one of my top concerns. I have more than 20 years but I am way too young to go out.
    One reason that I took this job was to go out at 25 years and finish college. I would then be doing what I really like and be able to get a second retirement before it is too late-oh- that's right , HAVE A RETIREMENT AT ALL because Hoffa sure aint gonna give me one! He has to take one of mine to get his THREE.
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    Friday would be Hawaiian shirt day.
    If you wanted to, you could wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.
  10. How about a 10 year contact?

    1. Contract times creates too much uncertainty for customers, gives Fexex reps too much ammo.
    2. Teamster rank and file can't afford strikes, they have mouths to feed. Strikes are less about substance and more about politics.
    3. Maybe the value of my stock would finally increase if the analysts didn't hold labor uncertainty against it.
    4. I hate contract time. I would only have to go through it 2 more times.
    5. Mike Eskew could leave behind a legacy of unprecidented stability- PJC (Post Jim Casey) No one ever says anything nice about that guy. ONE UPS ONE CONTRACT ONE CARRIER ONE FOR THE ROAD ONE POINT ZERO MIP ONE FOR OLD TIMES ONE SUPPLY CHAIN ONE TOO MANY ONE MORE WORK DAY ONE MORE STOP PER CAR ONE GREAT PLACE TO BE
  11. toonertoo

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    Fix the pension!!!! 25 and I want out.
  12. 1080Driver

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    Speaking as a driver my entire time at UPS, I'd say 25yrs & out, regardless of age. Being outside, working in whatever weather comes at us, dealing with customers, carrying anything from a letter to a huge Pottery Barn box for 25 years is enough. Just my feelings on it..............
  13. 1080Driver

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    Speaking as a driver my entire time at UPS, I'd say 25yrs & out, regardless of age. Being outside, working in whatever weather comes at us, dealing with customers, climbing in & out of the truck, up & down stairs, carrying anything from a letter to a huge Pottery Barn box for 25 years is enough. Just my feelings on it..............
  14. teamsterdan

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    close the wage gap between f/t inside, 22.3 jobs etc. and driver's top rate.... and until I STOP seeing lines of people willing to work for $8.50 keep the p/t wage the same.....show me another 20 hr. a week job where you get full health care @ no cost to you.....and double their union dues.........unless they vote......happy holidaze..

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    For me, personally I'd like to see UPS overhaul scheduling. Hire more drivers and stagger their start times. Right now we are doing more deliverys with less drivers. Why not reverse it and have more drivers doing less dels?

    My idea would have the lesser senoirity drivers stay out and finish what we can't do in 8 hours. How about a later starting drivers doing strickly pick ups, leaving the more seasoned driver to just finish all his dels without doubling back to start his pick up cycle.

    I agree I won't be dissapointed if we don't get a raise, I just want better working conditions.

    Oh Yeah....25 and out! Need I say more....
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    There is always people in line to work for $8.50/hour because once those that get in see what they are having to do for that $8.50 they quit. Hence the super high turnover rate at UPS. Because of that I say raise the part-time starting rate a little. At least enough to match what FedEx is paying. Leave the full-time wages alone but work on fixing the pension. And I'm not sure full-time inside wages need to equal that of drivers. I mean lets face it...working in smalls for 4 hours and then falling asleep in a shifter tractor isn't exactly a $27.00/hr calibur job. Yes, I know there are some rough combo jobs out there but they are rare. I'm not sure I agree with doubling union dues (for any reason) if someone doesn't vote but I'm pretty damn curious as to why in the hell would people didn't vote in this last election. I figured that would have been the biggest voter turnout in the history of the union.
  17. 25yrvet

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    How 'bout a good contract to vote on by early 08--Yea, I know, dream on!

    I hope everyone out there fully appreciates our F/T benies-- & how expensive they are.
  18. SmithBarney

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    Reduced hours... or a huge increase in pay..(sarcasm)

    I'd like to see something I call "UPS by 5" basically set up our
    structure to deliver everything by 5pm(except in some of those far reaching places)
    To do this they need to add more drivers, but think of the marketing.
  19. aspenleaf

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    You might see less people in line in the future if the min. wage keeps going up. Most of the people who were hired to help us this peak season have already quit. People want the benefits but don't want to do the work.
  20. mittam

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    I want the APWA to be the group negotiating the 2008 contract