What's your phone number?

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  1. TooTechie

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    I usually don't give out my cell to any customers regardless of how long I'm covering a route because of a bad experience I had of a business abusing it. I'm currently doing an extended cover for a guy out for several weeks and a few of his scheduled pickups asked for my number so they could call me if they didn't have anything going out to save me a trip. I reluctantly gave it to them and so far no issues.

    Just wondering....do you give out your personal cell# to any customers and what experiences have you had?
  2. as a driver helper last season, i gave my # to a residential customer. She was alright. about an 8.

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  3. over9five

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    I always tell them 867-5309.
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    Thanks for getting that stuck in my head damnit.
  5. over9five

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    Lucky 407's not up, he woulda beat me to it!
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    I read this thread title and before opening I wondered how long it would take.:happy-very:
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    So your going to close out stops that you are no where near? It takes one time for someone to call and say we don't have anything but miss that there is actually an important package going out. I wouldn't chance it. The only time I close out a pickup early is if I am delivering their ground and they say "don't come back". I will then stop complete the stop while I am standing in the business.
  8. cachsux

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    Gave my number out once.

    ​ Ended tragically in marriage.
  9. bottomups

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    Assume she is not looking over your shoulder.
  10. PASinterference

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    I only gave my # to 3 or 4 customers and told them not to abuse it or give it out. I know a driver that gets calls all day long from resi customers asking if they got a pkg. Most of them didnt even order anything. Most people dont have a clue what a driver goes through in a day.
  11. 3 done 3 to go

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    Yes I give my number out. I give them a set time they can call. If it's past the time. I say it's. After "say " 1pm. I'm. Out of that area. Or you can meet me on my schedule. In this town. Most will
  12. UPSGUY72

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    I have given out my number to a few customer (small business) they don't abuse it benefits both of us one sometimes meet me on the road and the other calls if If they have anything going out after I do my delivery they might call once or twice a year. I don't give it out to residential customers and I don't call customers from my phone.
  13. toonertoo

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    I have only a few and like upsguy72, it benefits us both. They are unmanned warehouses, and it benefits me to get their packages out of truck, or I set up a meet in 10 and they are there. I also have their number written in my truck so cover drivers can call them and do the same. Its usually big ugly stuff, and 9xs out of ten, they are not at their warehouse.
  14. rod

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    For 3/4 of my career cell phones weren't even invented.---------------except for maybe those 10 pound big :censored2: bag phones.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Absolutely never!
  16. cachsux

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    I have no recollection of what you're talking about.

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  18. Wally

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    I hate friggin' cell phones. Really do!
  19. Cementups

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    No residentials get my phone number. But a few of my commercials do have my number. They rarely use it, but they do have it.
  20. ajblakejr

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    Always so willing to give number but fails to give area code.