When Am I "Hired"?

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  1. Alright so Ive been working off and on (about 2-3 days a week tops) since November and I'm just curious as to when I'll be able to actually go in everyday. I worked the peak season and I was there everyday, then for a month or so they never really called, and now these past couple of months Ive been getting called in a couple days a week. Is there a certain number of days I need to work first, or...?

    Also, when I worked the peak I was mostly a splitter and a loader, but now that theyre calling me I've done pretty much nothing but unloading trailers (loading maybe once every month). So basically, I was wondering what I'd be doing? What determines this? Any answers?
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    Ask the people you report to, they are the ones controlling your days.
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    It all depends on the current staffing in your building and your local sort rider. Talk to HR and a steward if you want legit answers, the best you'll get on here are educated guesses.