When are we supposed to vote again?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BearcatShane09, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. BearcatShane09

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    I'm here in local 100 where we voted the contract down and since then it seems as if everything has been quiet. When are the seconf ballots due to come out?
  2. Bagels

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    In another thread we just found out that voting has come & went, even though none of us reported receiving any ballots. Every rider passed by a 100%-0% vote. Additionally, language was added that will double our dues in exchange for appreciation of such a strong contract.
  3. RonBurgandy??????????

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    You forgot to add that there will no longer be helpers at Christmas.
  4. 3 done 3 to go

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    Up in local 294. The 2nd ballots for our supplement. Are voted on again. Will be opened on Aug 22. Rumor here is there is a 10 % increase in ballots. The local is very nervous
  5. East coast navy

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    Calm before the storm.
  6. The Other Side

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    Look for ballots to arrive in the first week of september.

    Look for the same outcome in the last week of september.


  7. over9five

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    I would agree with that. After all, what has changed to expect a different outcome?
  8. The Other Side

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    Nothing but time.

    They say time heals all wounds, but in this case, the bleeding just wont stop.

    VOTE NO.


  9. BlackCat

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    Why should we vote yes on a contract where we are giving back?
  10. cynic

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    LOL The quoted post by TOS was edited - it said "VOTE NO" - read the original post.

    I got some land for sale...
  11. BlackCat

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    ​I was actually replying to 407.
  12. stink219

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    What do you mean? What givebacks are you talking about specifically?
  13. Anonymous 10

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    I don't care how you vote I just like screwing with TOS. I'm done debating this contract.
  14. Notretiredyet

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    I'm not going to get into how to vote, all I'm saying is vote. The lack of turnout in the first round of voting is a big factor in how the company has approached the renegotiations. A strong showing in numbers either yes or no would at least show a commitment one way or another. Lack of commitment to even take the time to vote has had a great effect on the renegotiations. It's difficult to argue about the importance of a contractual issue when so few even took the time to vote the first time.
  15. BlackCat

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  16. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    It's not really a giveback, as UPS will continue to contribute more money toward your health care in the future than it is now.
  17. oldupsman

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    Yeah, and I'll get alot less coverage. If I'm getting less coverage then I had before that's a giveback.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Some people just act like nothing happened and why did the master almost get voted down. Those of us who know better voted down our supplements. Big changes now in central states, can't wait to vote NO again. What a joke.
  19. PT Stewie

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    Then what happens. The TA passed by a majority vote no matter what the percentage .I believe any effort to change it is defined by the Federal Labor Laws as "regressive bargaining" "Withdrawal of proposals after tentative agreement has been reached on those items" or bad faith bargaining. The TDU can shovel manure all it wants to but the fact is it passed and we look like what they are shoveling because of the poor vote turn out and the guys in the IBT bunker who are saying nothing look just as bad ! We need to get the best out of our respective suppliments where applicable and move on and remember the next time we vote for our leadership.
  20. BlackCat

    BlackCat Active Member

    If that truly be the case, why are we receiving inferior benefits?