When do I get option days?

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    I was hired off the street and made seniority as a FT package car driver. My hire date is in July. Do I get any option days or vacation time at my 1 year anniversary?

    I got 1 option day and 2.5 vacation days on January 1. Do I get anymore paid time off before next January 1?

    I'm located in Dallas, TX, if the contract language is different in different places.
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    You can have your option days when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.

    I don't know
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  3. scooby0048

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    I don't know about your local, but here you get 2 after 2 (years)
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    I think that's the national.... Sell out contractf
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  6. ManInBrown

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    Here if your seniority date is prior to May 1st you are entitled to two the following May 1st. If it's after May 1st you have to wait two years
  7. Mugarolla

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    In the Central, you get 2 option days on your second anniversary date.

    Central Region Supplement

    Article 15

    Section 1

    Effective May 1, 1980, all seniority employees (including

    part-time employees) shall receive two (2) optional holidays

    as provided above. (Note: One (1) of the optional holidays is

    in lieu of the negotiated sick day, effective the same date.) All

    employees hired after July 31, 1997, shall receive two (2)

    optional holidays on his/her second (2nd) anniversary and

    each subsequent year.
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    PNW here you get 5 option days after a year, along with 5 paid sick, 10 vacation and the typical 7 (oh I mean 6) paid holidays off.