When do UPS give raises.

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    When do ups employees get raises. I was told that after 1 calender year you will get a $1 raise. Then i was told by another employee that we get a $0.35 raise in febuary and august. Also i started in Oct and already got my 90 day raise, but wondering would i get the febuary and august raise still or need to wait for a year.
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    You are under the (extremely terrible) 4 year PT progression. Everyone that has made it through the progression receives those raises - the last one was Feb. 1 for $0.475, the one before that on Aug. 1, 2012 also for $0.475. You will be receiving a raise on the anniversary date of when you reached seniority - basically you hit $12.87 after 4 years (if you have the $1/hr skill pay) and THEN start receiving the contract raises. This was a major concession in the 2008 contract (by comparison, I was making ~$13.27 when I hit my 4 year mark and received the same raises as my co-workers.) Hopefully, this contract will make things right.
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    Since you started in October, you have gained seniority; therefore, when the new contract is implemented August 1st, you will follow the raise schedule outlined for senoiryt employees. It has yet to be determined.
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    PT got hosed in contracts years ago. The pay progression used to be fair