when do we pick vacations local 705

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by luislopez0909, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. luislopez0909

    luislopez0909 New Member

    anyone know when does local 705 get to choose their vacations
  2. mixyo

    mixyo Active Member

    November, I think.
  3. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    I would assume sometime before the.end of the year...why don't you ask your steward instead of strangers?
    And if you have to ask...you're probably quite low on the list...if you've even worked here long enough to earn a vacation week. Enjoy your week off in January....lol
  4. RonBurgandy??????????

    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

    January is like December but worse. Worse wheather, more area ,same stops , sometimes helper ,sometimes not. I love January vacations!!
  5. hondo

    hondo promoted to mediocrity

    November. Top 25% of seniority list first week, next 25% second week....
  6. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    aa508984562a32e5b7bb970637fd9346.jpg You stole fizzy lifting drinks!!!!!! You get NO VACATION!!!!!!!
  7. ZQXC

    ZQXC Guest

    choose vacations; pick cotton
  8. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    Vacations were canceled next year in my building. It's part of teamcare.