when does contract take effect

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bear123, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. bear123

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    When does contract take effect? I had heard that if it does pass, and I hope it doesn't, the contract will take effect Jan 1, 2008. Does that mean we will get our paltry raise of .35 at that time. Does it mean the contract will run from January to January as opposed to August to August.
    Finally is this legal that they can take a new contract that will supercede the old contract.
  2. MonavieLeaker

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    Takes effect August 1st 2008:thumbup1:
  3. peach

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    Actually, once the contract is ratified, it will go into effect.
  4. 705red

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    Wrong, and i truley hope this contract never goes into effect, but if it passes august 1st 2008.
  5. Steward773

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    Red, we were under the assumption that this "contract" will take effect upon ratification. At least this is how i'm reading it at the top of the first page, and also again in article 45 sect. 1. Am I missing something?
  6. agitator

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    Good question...what i read of this is that the pension sections go into effect upon ratification...the "raises" lol...would go into effect aug 08... as for the language on 9.5 , etc...not sure but im assuming next aug too
  7. chevyman

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    Article 45 Duration Section 1 THIS agreement shall be in full force and effect from ratification of this agreement to and including July 31,2013 and shall continue from year to year thereafter unless....
  8. 705red

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    Man sorry to hear that guys, you have to live with that contract for more than 5 years, now that sounds like torture.