When does seniority count?


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I am a laid off feeder driver, who is in the hub? There are guys with less seniority, and more seniority than I have. Who are able to work only one shift, one day a week. When I asked they said I couldn't do it.

If junior guys are being able to do it then why can't I?


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According to my union steward seniority doesn't count in this situation. The steward basically said that I should work slow, then they would be begging for me to go. But, it is not in my genetic make up, to not do my best, and bust my arse not matter the job.

My question is why is people with less seniority than I get a chance to work one day, one sort a week just to keep their benefits, but I cant?


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A seniority list has a top and a bottom.
Good things happen from the top down.
Bad things happen from the bottom up.

This is a fairly simple concept. I don't understand why our beloved leaders, who are so much smarter than we are, can't understand this simple concept.

File a grievance quickly regarding your seniority not being honored. File for the back pay and benefits you have been denied.
At our building,when a feeder driver is laid off,it is by your full time seniority not by feeder seniority. You can have years more seniority and be laid off while someone two weeks into feeder will stay on the job.
Once inside a feeder driver will displace the lowest seniority Ptimer in any position,you don`t choose. The next laid off feeder driver will displace the next lowest Ptimer. You may have more seniority than the driver laid off before you but you cannot bump him from whatever job he was assigned to when he went in.

As far as only working one day to maintain benefits,that never happened here so i don`t know what to tell you unless someone who in before and after you are allowed to do so then you,the guy in the middle,should be allowed to do so also.

At other buildings laid off feeder drivers displace package drivers. is this not in place at your building?