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    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Years ago, I was an avid subscriber to a magazine called INC (is it even still around?) and every month I waited to read a section called “Anatomy Of A Start-Up”. Each month this magazine would thoroughly interview a new business, a start-up, and analyze what they felt they were doing right, wrong, would it work, here are suggestions, analysis, projections, etc. The cool thing, they would also follow up one year later to see how the company was doing. I always found it was a fascinating read, and, usually, the people who made suggestions were correct. Seldom were the companies still around after a year.
    Anyway, ever since I have always looked at companies differently – as in “what would I do here?” No, I do not ever want to be management at UPS (for reasons that are not important or relevant) but I can’t help but to see areas that, with a little tweaking, could make this a better company (in my business opinion)
    This thread is serious. It is not a bash of UPS in the slightest. Please make suggestions in the same spirit, if you will.

    If I Were King Of UPS, I Would Implement The Following – Called the SHIFT plan;
    1. Time Shift – I don’t know the official “final pickup” time at all UPS locations. I do know, however, that it is too late in the business day. The final package pick-up/drop-off time should be 6pm local time. Not a second later. Then, take everything UPS does, and shift it back one hour – planes leave earlier, trucks leave earlier, pre-sort must be DONE by 7am local, trucks out the door at 7:30am. No, UPS won’t lose significant business – part of business is to educate, lead customers, and if they know 6pm is it, you would be surprised how the customer will learn to have it done by then.
    2. Service Shift – For domestic services, there should be Ground, Next Day Air, and Next Day EAM. That’s it. There are too many variations now, too confusing to customer. They should also be renamed as Ground, Next Day, and Next Day Critical, respectively. (I’m a UPS employee, and I have no idea what second day air early AM Saver is, or why I would want it)
    3. Employee Shift – UPS prides itself on hiring from within. Everyone starts as a PT loader now. Make the pay fit the job. Benefits just went to a year from hire, which, for a PT making $8.50/hr, means never. Want good people? You need to pay them. (Benefits are the ONLY reason I took this job. I started at $8.50/hr, which is just a joke – barely paid my gas each week to get to work)
    4. Driver Shift – Changes in Time Shift above have drivers getting out earlier in the morning, and earlier at night. UPS then goes to 7 days a week delivery, Mon thu Thursday shift 1, Friday thru Sunday shift 2. Rotation of shifts determined by drivers, combined w/seniority. Everybody can get 40 +/- hours, plus a life! Saturday & Sunday deliveries made enormously expensive.
    5. Diad Shift – Cut DIAD development costs to 10% of where they are now. It works. Fix the keys & make it smaller, that’s all.
    6. Stick Shift – Take a billion or so bucks that are lying around, develop rechargeable electric package cars. Not only would the development costs be recouped in like 6 months, but then license the developed technology & make more money.
    7. Relations Shift – Management and Union – What you do is, you….uh…well you take the…ummm… forget it – this is screwed up so bad that I can’t even come up with ideas for it.
    8. Trust Shift – Technology is good. Technology is power. Without being able to trust your employees, it is worthless. At some point, you have to put your trust in the employee’s judgment. If you are going to put a monitor on the package car backup lights, for whatever reason, tell the driver why, BEFORE you do it. Have GPS in the DIAD? Explain Why, so everyone is not paranoid. Start showing that you care for the wellbeing of the employees. Meetings discussing safety methods sound like exactly what they are – a way to cover UPS’s ass should an employee screw up.
    9. Customer Responsibility – (Can’t help myself as a former pre-loader here) Charge customers for tape-ups, re-packaging. Charge AVON double. Packaged poor? It misses service & is sent to a repackaging department, costs charged to the customer. Conversely, a company like QVC should get a discount for the well-packaged items.

    Anyway, believe it or not, I have a million ideas, these were just off the top of my head. What are your serious ideas?

    (this will be my last post for a while - have to take a break)
  2. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Acck...Forgot an important part of the above...

    Services reduced to Ground, Next Day, Next day Critical (before 9am)

    ALL next day critical packages taken OFF package cars, and delivered by qualified PT Pre-Loaders who want the extra few hours. Means no more commit times for the package car drivers.
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    We have no problem believing :funny:

    PS. Please try to make your post title more provocative!
  4. drewed

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    BBAG and you were doing so well.

    The time thing wont work, well with atleast the planes, UPS purchases runway time its a bid basis and in a lot of places we're at the bottom of the totem pole.

    The only thing I agree with is the starting drivers earlier but that hinges on being able to get trailers done and planes done

    90% drivers mon-fri 40 7am start 50 10am start and the other 10% tues-sat 830
    theres a reason the USPS doenst deliver on sundays and a reason DHL doesnt anymore theres not enough volume to make it profitable

    And the service thing does make sense, but the UPS world is you want what? sure we can do that, this is how much its gonna cost sign here, here and here twice
  5. brownhorn

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    I'm sure you will get plenty of posts telling you it won't work, but I for one like the way you are thinking about this. I think the earlier driver start time is something we all agree on. I don't mind the long hours so much, it's missing my kids' activities because I'm still out delivering. If I could start at 7 and punch out at 5:30, it wouldn't bother me near as much as 9 to 7:30.
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    Wow I'm speechless
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    What about all the business's that don't open up till 9:30-10:00. You would be going around and around and around--Hey wait a minute thats what I do now. Crap you got me there.
  8. cino321

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    You don't want to provide late pick up times? No problem, I'm sure fed ex can accommodate that.
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  10. 1989

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    I'm not quite sure we should start running the business like it's 1995.
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    Can I put in my two cents? :happy2:

    I think that UPS should offer a "ground envelope" similar to the NDA envelope. With technology like it is, many customers are shipping CDs, DVDs, ect that they have to pay for a pound - when these items weigh mere ounces. They are using bubble envelopes - total weight, POSSIBLY, six ounces. For instance, I just heard of a customer that needed to ship a disk from west coast to east coast. No need to get it there quickly - just needed to be able to track it and know it was insured... Shipping cost? $11.85! Lost a customer for this reason... Have a standard "ground envelope" for 1/2 pound or less and reduce shipping cost.....

  12. atatbl

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    Nice. I laughed petty hard at that.
  13. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I just assumed it was another inside joke. If it isn't, could someone elaborate?
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    Originally Posted by 1989
    I'm not quite sure we should start running the business like it's 1995.

    Originally Posted by atatbl
    Nice. I laughed petty hard at that.

    My take and this is MHO - It was in or around 1995 that UPS started to change from an internally focused, cost control company to a customer focused, Marketing driven company.
    At least in theory.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I like this idea. Generally, anything 2 lbs or less the Post Office has us beat so this would be another choice for our customers.
  16. atatbl

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    It's called Media Mail via the USPS. It is why the post office gets guaranteed business from sites like amazon.com books, half.com books, and some sellers at Ebay. I use it when I sell on Half.com. You are kind of forced to. You cannot set your own shipping price, they add in exactly what it will cost to ship via postal "media" mail. If you wanted to send it some other way you would have to raise the books price to an uncompetitive level to make up for shipping costs.
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Um, we do offer them. (the envelope) :p As far as the pricing, yes, considering base is in the 6's, it is nowhere near as cheap as the PO
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is no envelope marketed specifically for ground. The current minimum weight for a ground shipment is 1 lb and the rate starts at $6. Priority Mail is less than $5 while Media Mail is cheaper than that. atatbl was suggesting a product designed for ground shipments less than 1 lb to be priced competitively with the USPS products.

    Currently, NDA letters have no weight limit (paks are charged by weight) and 2DA letters (paks are charged by weight) are supposed to be less than 8 ounces but this limit is rarely if ever enforced. The problem I see with a "ground envelope" would be customers ignoring the weight limit and stuffing all that they can fit in to the envelope so perhaps this service could be expanded to include the use of Paks.

    I would think that the revenue realized from this new service feature, although reduced in comparison to traditional ground, would be better than our customers choosing to use the USPS for their smaller shipments.
  19. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I don't know this for a fact at all - I just assume it to be so - but somewhere at UPS there is the basic, minimum "this is what it costs UPS to simply handle a shipment, average, from point A to point B", strictly the UPS costs involved. My bet is that $5-6 is that number.

    I think the idea of a ground envelope is great - but it is better served by the post office via media mail, because they hit every house, every day, which makes it profitable at $4-5. We cannot do a delivery of a package at that price.
  20. looper804

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    I started at 7am my 1st peak.Knocked on the 1st door around 7:30,woke up a big dude,he wasn't happy about it.Next day 1st stop is same guy,woke him up again.He said that if I woke him up at 7:30 the next day there was gonna be trouble.So it won't bother you to start at 7 but it will bother the customers.If you have the seniority see if you can get an EAM run,that starts around 7am.
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