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    I have been with UPS for exactly 11 months now. (And yes I have been a full time driver from day one, but that is not what this thread is about so please don't turn it into that.)

    When I was hired, I was told the wages go up after the 90 day probation period and again after one year, again after two years and to top rate at 30 months.

    So I'm closing in on one year and was curious as to when the next raise will kick in. I asked a few people around the centre and I got three different answers.

    The first answer was the one I liked the most. It was one year after your hire date. The second answer was one year after your first day on the road, and the third answer I got, which I hope is not correct, was one year after your 90 day probation period is up.

    So I thought I would ask everyone here. Which is it? I can live with either the first or second answer. It' only a difference of a week. The third answer, if correct, will really piss me off. But I know there is nothing I can do about it.
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    Once you qualify your seniorty dates goes back to the first day you started as a driver with UPS.
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    This is correct. Its the first day you actually start the job.
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    Better call your Union, buddy. The posts above are all on the American side of the border. From your avatar, I'm guessing you're somewhere in Canada. It's certainly very different. -Rocky