When is it not my problem and it's the supervisors?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by castor915, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Im having a issue with the FT supervisor just paying me my 8 hours. Not the way you think cause there to lazy to do my time every day (I work FT combo Hub/Feeders), they pay me right the first half but on my feeder time they just pay me 4 and wait till the end of the week to adjust it.

    On 9/3 they lost my check ... I said fine I need a green check. They came back and found my check that same day later on before I left. 9/8 the next week I get a green check even tho I cashed my original check ***.
    Then 9/10 they paid me a extra 8.50 hours... Its not like they didn't know I reviewed my WOR and let them know everyday that was wrong and they paid it anyways. Let them know I got my check stub wrote the extra they paid me and said this what is extra.
    Now the kicker I reviewed my WOR on 9/13 one day instead of paying me till 12 midnight they payed me till 12 the next afternoon...OMFG...17 hours. I told him right thenon Monday I look at my check on Upsers.com they just payed off my WOR . I have over a 1000.00 check n its there mess up because i keep telling them.

    Now a little background I just got back from being fired for 3 months over getting overpaid 6 hours. It had to go to the panel I got my job back with all 6 siding with me. I have only been back 4 weeks and this is what I have had to deal with.When do I just say its not my problem I let you know everyday my WOR is wrong but I still keep getting extra time.Which is what I got fired for in the first place.
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    I just did an educational transfer to a hub and didn't get paid for a vacation (20 hours). I got the vacation check a week late and then they added an extra 20 hours to one of my regular checks. I quickly told my full time supervisor of the error and even gave him copies of my check stubs as proof of overpayment. They just deducted 10 hours of my pay this week, I am assuming next month they will do the same for the remaining 10 hours. I didn't get in trouble for this though, and don't see how I could be held liable since I reported the overpayment right away.
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    Keep accurate records of all this in case someone is stupid enough to try to discipline you again for their oversight. Take every overpayment and put it into the highest interest bearing liquid account you can find. Tell your management that you do not want to be paid fewer hours in the current week to make up for their misshandling of your payroll from the week before because that would be falsifying you timecard and you are gun shy about that having been terminated for it. Tell them to follow up with the finance department and that you when they can get it figured out and give you a reciept, you will cut UPS a check for the overpayment. This process should take a fair amount of time during wich you are building interest. When the bill comes, write the check that very day.

    Working between two very different departments like you do that are on totally different systems for pay is a royal pain for you management team, I can tell you from experience. But it can be managed if they keep the lines of communication open between themselves and keep thei sh%$T together. Mayhap this would motivate them to do just that.
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    keeping time straight for us combos is a pain on both sides,it should be a job in itself.i have time issues all the time every week their is something sometimes major ,sometimes minor.hard to believe you were fired for being overpaid,do you have a history of this or have you been warned about not reporting overpayment problems before?
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    I write my time everyday now and check a WOR everyday which is wrong always. Been back a month and maybe 3 days are right, btw I do have proof of this I keep my WOR every monday. If it happens this next week I will be calling the 1 800 number. I was at the hall while my BA's (I have 2 helping me with this issue) contacted the labor manager, I have talked to my FT sup, talked to my PT sup everyday telling him its wrong. Sort manager I havent seen since I been back she avoids my area.

    Oh no never been over payed before...All I can do is report it the day I get my check or everyday I see my WOR being wrong. (which I never got before that being a WOR but once a week)
    Over a year ago here we hit them up for almost 400 hours of supervisors working on twilight, 15 witnesses 4 of them being union stewards with me and raymond leading the charge.
    So it stung we settled for around 300 hours, and the first to go was raymond (falsifying records) took 22 weeks got his job back at deadlock panel. I get fired almost 12 weeks after him (falsifying records) get my job in 12 weeks at a regular panel held it off till the 3 meeting.

    I knew it was coming no biggie.... I honestly dont care about getting fired thats part of the game. I dont have kids, I live by myself, I have a side business no big deal.
    I been fired 12 times the luster gets lost after the first couple of times. Again to it is not my job to tell them my time, I punch in with a time card so its all documented I can only review my WOR when i see something wrong tell them or on my check.
    CYA brother I havent lasted this long with out being able to do that.