When is punched out truly punched out?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mike23, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Mike23

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    I'm one of those lucky few that has an exact 8 hour day. 50% of the time management leaves me alone. However, when I come back to the building, during my turn in, I'll get cornered and told to go help someone else.

    Now, here's my question. Since I'm done usually under 8 due to my route, if I punch out in the parking lot then just work off the clock for 5 minutes at the turn in counter (since I'm still going to get paid my 8 hours anyways) would management be authorized to still tell me to go back out and help someone? Is this gutless? Absolutely! I'll admit to it. I used to be told day in and day out every day of the week to go help someone so that I was one of the last people back to the building after being one of the first back so now I just try to avoid management at all costs!

    At our depot we don't need authorization to punch out. We just punch out.
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    Mike, after all the threads and posts on the subject of working off the clock, I can't believe you're standing up in the line of fire again!

    Well, anyway, congrats on being one of the first in the building. That never, ever happened to me.

    Of course, the first thing that struck me in your post was punching out early in the parking lot. I don't even think that needs to be addressed here (although, I guess I just DID address it).

    The second thing that struck me is how you feel about the other drivers that might need help or how the other drivers feel about you. Very rarely did I ever get help but when I did, I always appreciated the driver that did. After that, I always tried to help them out whenever I could.

    How do you think the others feel about you always home when they're just struggling in when the sun's down? I can just picture a lot of resentment here. Maybe not. Here, we always resented the downtown drivers that only had business that HAD to be off by lunch time or before pickup time and no resi's and after pickups, they're gone. It was the nature of their area. They were never asked to help somebody else due to their pickup volume and so on. We just wanted a little parity.

    I know you feel differently about this than I do and will continue to treat your job this way but you asked for opinions so here is mine. I never have worked off the clock and never will for many reasons. Sorry.
  3. Dustbunny

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    I am glad to hear at least some drivers appreciate help. In my center, I too would have to go help someone EVERYDAY. That would have been ok if these drivers ever helped me in return, or anyone else for that matter. The few times I asked for help, I didn't get it. I have to agree with Mike on this on.
  4. klein

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    We had no other choice but to help others.
    We had to page in after your done, and before living your area, so they can reroute you to where help was needed.

    If you didn't page in, and just went back to the center.. you would get written up.
  5. dilligaf

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    I'm with Race on this one. I wish our ctr would do what Klein's does. We have quite a few <8hr drivers that never have to help anyone. It gets really old never (or rarely ever) getting to go in early. And I think it does cause hostility. Those 8 hr drivers scream bloody murder if they get a 10 hr day. Sorry bud, you can KMA, you won't help me, I ain't helpin you.
  6. evilleace

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    Here the contract says a driver cannot be disciplined for not going back out after completing their work for the day.
  7. klein

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    Morning Dill !
    Yes, and over and over again, we been told we are a TEAM ! We don't work for ourselves, we work as a TEAM !
    And , I understand that.
    If you don't, ofcourse the hostility starts up.
  8. Dustbunny

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    We now have to notify the center before returning too, but everyone just slowed down more. Some guys slow down because they know other people will get done early (have kids ballgames, plays, etc) and then ask for help. But when they have a ballgame or play..."I gotta go, skipped lunch, got family stuff, sorry can't help anyone". We used to be a TEAM, many many years ago.
  9. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I think we all know the slowdown method.
    I think I got caught in that myself a few times.
    Thinking it's an easy day, take your time.. etc..
    Then something happens.. more p/u's or more c.o.d packages then expected, or just too much time spent "slowing down".

    Then the big rush starts up all over again...LOL
    That few minutes add up chatting with customers...:wink2:
  10. Mike23

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    Actually, the only reason I do it is because I'm one of the few drivers that was a 'swing' driver in the new city here. When I injured my shoulder I was put on light duties and sent EVERYWHERE for around 4 months (light duties apparently meant lifting 120 pound toilets too so shows how much they did to accommodate). This makes it prime for them to go, 'hey, go help this person!' every single day. I'm fine with helping twice a week or so but we all know there are other drivers out there to pick on. I even told management, if you want me to work 12 hours do it to me on a Friday so I'm not tired the next day. If I drag butt at all on my route I'm toast :(

    As I've stated in previous posts, I have one of the busier commercial routes in the city. When it came up for bid NO ONE bid on it. Well, one person did then backed out.

    Our depot here, EVERYONE works off the clock in the morning. Stewards don't say boo and neither does management. My point is if this is acceptable in the morning and then I punch out 5 min early in the evening before management can pin me at the turn in counter why wouldn't I do it? I still get paid my 8 hours even if I'm under. I'm wondering if I CAN get away with it though or will I be disciplined and not with the kinky leather and whip sorta way?

    I WON'T punch out early if I'm over my 8 because then I am losing money and hurting myself, before the 8 though, why not? I'm also one of 3 other drivers that drive a P1000. Management tends to leave them alone due to their seniority and because they drive a P1000. P1000 at our center tends to have more volume then all the other vehicles other then the 5ton. I'm cool with the lower seniority part and having to do more OT then they do but having to do ALL the OT when they punch out almost at the same time as me? Umm, no, then I do have a little bit of an issue.
  11. Dragon

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    Do you actually think about what you are about to post, prior to hitting the reply button? I know its the internet but I think -no- I know you need to find some other things to do to occupy your time.
  12. Mike23

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    Just looking for an answer. Is that so bad? If you don't like it then don't read any of my posts, put me on ignore and problem solved. At least I can think about that solution that seems to elude some peoples grasp. :surprised:
  13. rod

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    I know of instances where a driver was asked to help out the same person day after day until all of a sudden he just inherits that extra work permanently. And the crybaby that couldn't get the job done is now punching out early everyday. I'm not saying helping a fellow driver out once in while is bad but it can come back to bite you. (unfortunately most of the time you have no choice as the work as directed crap comes into it).
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Its wrong for a few drivers to be dispatched under 8 hours every day while others are dispatched for 9 or 10. Management should adjust the dispatch accordingly and ask for updates from drivers that get in early each day. They should be sent to help others.
  15. Dustbunny

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    DITTO as soon as you help everyday they figure you can do it and he can't so they just give it to you. It's easier than going to get his work from him everyday. Not only does he get in even earlier than before, but he plans the same with LESS work and I plan the same with MORE work
  16. some1else

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    first; send the "fw" message when done. even if i want off early i do so. but i do not pick up my diad when on the road. i generally see the "green" message light on when im entering my rtb and miles parked on the air wall.

    2nd. the gunners arent sent to help the slugs becuase the next day you will just have 2 slugs! have you ever run all day to get in early then get sent to help someone that has been jacking around all day?