When the volcano blows..

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    Well it is looking like no work for us here in Alaska on Monday... Mt. Redoubt volcano has been erupting for days now and no UPS flights have landed at Anchorage since Thursday. Friday we ran the last of the ground volume that was in town, about 3800 pcs vs. a normal day around 8,000-9,000. All we have left now are send agains.

    I heard yesterday that they were going to try to get a couple of planeloads in today but nothing yet. If they don't get here tomorrow I guess we are all laid off for Monday.
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    I suppose the exception code would be C5 emergency - erupting volcanos.:happy-very:
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    Just make sure you sheet it as something.

    CYA - Cover Your Ash
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    Just make sure you sheet it as something.

    Don't blow it!
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    It's not hard to do.

    It's not like your head will explode.
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    If ya need a reason, I'm sure your center manager could spew out a few.
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    We have to appease the gods! It's time to sacrifice a virgin!
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    OK, I'm ready.
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    Since no one else seems willing to bite, I guess I will
    Good Jimmy Buffett song:

    Now my girl quickly said to me,
    Mon you better watch your feet
    Lava come down soft and hot,
    You better lava me now or lava me not

    I don't know, I don't know,
    I don't know where I'm a-gonna go
    When the volcano blows
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    Reminds me of the "Blizzard of 78". We had the week off without pay. I hope you have some optionals or sick days left.
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    We buried my mother during the Blizzard of '78. When we went into church, just a few flakes were falling. By the time we finished at the cemetery there was at least 4 inches on the ground! I used to tell my mother that I was going to buy a Jeep. That used to frost her cookies. She HATED Jeeps! Wouldn't you know it, the priest drove a Jeep to the cemetery. My poor mother must have been spinning in her grave - and she wasn't even in it yet! God rest her soul. I miss her.
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    I personally (and secretly) was hoping for a permutation of the legendary Tambora. Obviously this setup is not nearly as ideal (about 100x? less).
    ... to see massive global cooling via direct enhancement from a stratospheric ash discharge and then Al Gore's reaction...priceless
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    Southcentral Alaska would probably be turned into a smoking caldera, of course.

    Still might be worth it, though.
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    If theres a large enought eruption anywhere enough ash is put in the atmosphere blocks out sun cools the earth. It would take a massive explosion for this to happen and the amount of CO2 released would counter balance it in later years
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    big volcano go boom.
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    ... making the unreadable unreadabler

    It works more like chicken-and-egg. Technically, the physical processes are alot more fancy than the ash blocking out the sun and the earth cooling, and the atmosphere has nothing to do with it as it's readily mixed; the ash needs to kiss the stratosphere at least