When will UPS care about its image?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by orangeupser, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. orangeupser

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    Customers don't care to send freight when trucks and trailers look like there are about to fall apart. There also needs to be a cleansing of OLD MANAGEMENT who think very different than UPS Intended. Also sounds as though many lower management people are told to shut up. Something's:angry: not right.
  2. Coldworld

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    orange, I have seen some new rigs pulling :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ola beat to helll trailers and your right, it is so unprofessional looking. This stuff takes time, they are still rebranding ups parcel trailers and package cars...it just takes time.peace:peaceful:
  3. chev

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    It is not just freight that is pulling crap trailers. You should see all the old ratty rail box trailers we pull on the East coast. It is an embarrassment for me to take that nasty crap to a customer. When I started in feeders, we would always take the nice "silver bullet" trailer to customers. They seem to have vanished. What a joke.
  4. JimJimmyJames

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    21 years ago I started as a car washer. We washed every car every night, by hand (our building didn't have an automated wash) even in the dead of winter with water freezing on them as we washed. What a long way we have come since then. I understand cutting back on this expense but not to the point we have. It's embarrassing the way all of our equipment is covered in filth half the time.

    And Feeder equipment? Those rail boxes are so ratty it's unbelievable. Well, they match up nicely with the '95 International I drive that has cracked fenders, peeling paint, and holes in the fiberglass.

    I take pride in our company and believe as Jim Casey did that image is a very important aspect of our company's success. Even in tough economic times our image is essential to maintain as it conveys to the customer strength and reliability. Let's hope the company gets back, at least partly, to the way we used to be about appearance.
  5. david cassin

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    all our vans are washed every night by an outside cleaning company and i must say its a credit to them over here in ireland.i thought they had pride in their fleet in the usa.if the overnite trailers were bad they should have written them off and bought new ones,the same happened with the lynx crowd they bought in the uk.most of their trucks/trailers were rubbish and will have to be replaced.its not good going up to a customer and expecting them to put their cleans goods into a bad trl about to fall apart.:wink2:
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    What image?? It's a joke brother. The problem here is that Overnite still runs the dam place. What they need to do is also get rid of management!!!! UPS will fail fast if something is not done NOW
  7. klein

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    Don't you guys know, it's part of the going green movement ?
    Less soap and water is going green.
    And in a way, you can call it better then recycling. Those boxes should have been scrapped and recycled over and over again, by now. But, UPS "going green" is even better then that, because recycling does cost money and energy. :happy-very:

    SMCRDFCL New Member

    UPS Corporate will not change from Overnite Transportation management because:
    1. They do not have any one who can run a freight operation.
    2. Overnite Transportation is used to running a Cho Cho train operation.
    3. If UPS Corporate attempts to get rid of Overnite Transportation management they will revolt and really throw UPS Freight under the train.
    4. Remember when Viking Freight Systems’ ego got large and they attempted to go national instead of regional, the companies they bought went rogue on them. They almost caused Viking to go bankrupt.
    5. Scott Davis, well meaning ‘Package Person’ knows little about a freight operation.
    6. They cannot afford to clean up the freight image. A pig is still a pig no matter how much paint and logos you put on it.
  9. Just Numbers

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    I wouldn't worry too much about them not knowing how to run a freight operation, after all, they started an airline and had it up and running within a year and running at a profit too.
  10. sidewinder

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    Well I think your wrong about UPS not changing the old Ovnt guys out. I think that they will all be gone as soon as they can get them gone. I dont know and dont even try to speculate on how long this will take but I think it will eventually be here. They wont us to run exactly like package and if they can, they will find a way to do so. We all know that were not the same but we have a lot of the same lanes and a lot of the same practices (at least now we do) as package, so we are slowly on our way. Final point is that no matter what we drive (blue and gray or brown and gray) we are all getting paid to do a job. I know its frustrating at times, but WE HAVE A JOB!!!