When you get paid a certain pay rate?

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  1. lovethemlusters

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    Question I have is about pay rates. If I am getting pay paid this rate for air shuttle and after I go back to my regular counter clerk/ package handler. Am I suppose to get paid the rate I started the day with as air shuttle driver or does it go back down to what I was originally getting paid?? Thanks in advance.
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    When you work two job classifications in the same day, as long as you worked at least one hour in the higher rated job, you should be receiving your higher rate for the entire day.

    So to answer your question, in your instance you should be getting paid your shuttle pay rate for the whole day you worked.

    How much this may or may not vary by supplement though, I do not know.
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  3. MendozaJ

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    If you punch in and out two separate times then no.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    Air shuttle work would fall under Art 40 and you would be paid the air shuttle rate and your inside rate. Art 40 supersedes all other Articles.
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    I think you're talking about exception deliveries. In OP's case it sounded to me like he was assigned to shuttle air from the start. I know my local falls under a supplement that would make for a full day of air pay for that. Is it exclusive then?
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    @barnyard, are your arms too stiff in that sexy textile touring suit to elaborate to me why I am wrong or are you just jealous of my Yamaha?
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  7. lovethemlusters

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    Okay thank you I will need to bring it up. I don't punch out until the end of the day. But on my check stubs it just has the air shuttle pay for the actual hours I drove and goes down to the clerk pay on my other work.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Keep in mind that if you press the issue they may just offer the air shuttle work to someone who won't bitch about the pay.

    BTW, you are being paid correctly.
  9. lovethemlusters

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    Yeah I understand that I just don't want to be called in at 9 in the am and finish 9pm. While driving an hour to get to work and home after. So if I am going to be there all day and I just don't want to be the type worker that will be underpaid. Just trying to get it right. Thanks.
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    Man. You guys' supplements SUCK.