Where are the real populists (Tea partiers) now?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by diesel96, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Don't kid yourself that the teabaggers are smart enough to know they just got screwed again by the Republican corporate oligarchy that runs this country. Representative government is now officially priced out of the reach of the American people.


    Quote from article...."For him and anyone else in the tea party movement who isn't merely a loudmouthed stooge of the Republicans, a moment of truth is coming soon. Will they support legislation to curtail its worst effects, even if sponsored by those hated Democrats, or surrender to a new era of corporate rule?"
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    Let's all hope that they do not sell out. I for one hope that they stand up for the freedom to spend your money how you please. Speaking of which is not that idiot Obama the biggest fool you've ever seen? After opting out of campaign finance laws during the last election he now is trying to fool people into thinking that he somehow supports limits on campaign spending. Or is it his supporters that are the fools?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Your right, this government is so screwed up... You should move to another country, like bagdad. Hopefully when you wake up in the morning your first day there, you will step on a land mine..... Or you could try North Korea...... Just like UPS, if you don't like the country or government move somewhere else. Nothing stopping you!!!! In the end you need the USA and the gorvernment more than they need you. If it is so bad, do something about it, but you won't because you lack the testicular fortitude. Stop crying because you can leave and move at any time.... TreeHugger

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I am not Obama fan, but he our leader. Protesting him and fighting against his cause is no better than the camel jockey's that threaten our soil. Stand behind our President and work with him. The protestors, and the marchers are just as bad for America as the Taliban..........
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    Pssst. Hey, Socks. Bagdad isn't a country.
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    I take great offence with that term "teabaggers".
    The first time I heard it was from those fools on the cable news trying to make anyone who protests with the Tea Party group into sexual perverts.
    I find anyone who also uses this term to be of very low moral character.
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    Upssocks, I see why most people in this forum think your a complete moron. If you had read the article, you would of had a clue reguarding the Supreme Court's ruling on allowing corporate money rule America. Supporting, or not supporting Gov't was not even the issue here. It just goes to show, what an American Idiot you are and an embassrassment to our school systems...
    BTW, Good call on Bagdad being a country...Dumb a s s !
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    Socks, diesels last name is moron so I guess he's paying you a compliment.

    Oh Diesel who brought the case in front of the supreme court?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    The point is, if you don't like what is going on, whether it be work or the country, go somewhere else. If you hate UPS, quit and find another job. If you don't like the way the government is run, do something about it. You people that cry and complain all the time are the helpless ones that won't do anything about it. Life is pretty good, and this country is pretty great.
  11. Baba gounj

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    Here the rub...." this country is pretty great " when in fact this country has been greater and should be always.
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    Could be worse ... they could have called you a liberal. :wink2:
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    Hey, why are you awake?

    HOLY COW, Why am I awake?

    damn dog!
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    Damn kidney stones!
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    Upon further consideration, I love my dog!

    Hope you get to feeling better and like the ole' saying goes, "this too shall pass!"

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    As expected, typical Liberal reaction when they can't argue logically:
    Shift the subject
    Ignore the facts
    Name calling

    Source: Herman Cain
  19. JimJimmyJames

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    The problem is the Democrats are just as bought and paid for as the Republicans are. The outrage here should be directed at the government as a whole, not any particular political party.

    Donkeys, elephants? In reality they are neither. They both would be more properly represented by a pig.
  20. wkmac

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    Excellent point Jim!

    I read an interesting article the other day in Newsweek entitled, "The Return of the NeoCons" and an underlying theme in the article IMO was exactly what you said above. As Tom Knapp pointed out in his article on the Mass. Senate election I referenced in that BC thread, when it comes to voting for either of the "pig party" candidates, it's really "Big Gov't Candidate #1" or "Big Gov't Candidate #2."

    I find it interesting and encouraging while democrats and republicans merge into a single party yet definded in difference as the difference between the NFC and the AFC is to the NFL, the paleo-right, paleo-left, libertarian right and libertarian left along with varying elements of anarchism from anarcho-capitialist/libertarian to anarcho socialist, all factions are talking to each other and discovering antiwar, antistate and anti-corporate state to the point that even some of a more socialist idea are actually advocating a true free market outside both the state and state capitialist too. Seems in many respects the labels are becoming items to be jettisoned and the actual nuts and bolts are getting discussed and a whole lot of common ground is being discovered.

    The one main appeal of a true free market is like AV8 said of Mass. State healthcare plan (and he was correct), if they all agree to the plan and don't export it either in forced entry or forced payment on others outside their group, then they were free to take part and we were free not too and if the plan acutally does prove workable, then we are free to start out own or if it's workable to freed markets, join their plan. Everyone wins IMO because freedom and liberty prevail. A true Free Market. Well, everyone but the corporate elites who lose their monopoly or cartel protected status thanks to state intervention in the market place but then that got us all in the mess we find ourselves now!

    We need to learn the difference between a state imposed "free market" and a "true free market!"

    And back to your point of both parties being the same, notice what Ron Paul sez about the actions of the "minority" on behalf of gov't spending! Seems someone doesn't want to be outdone by President Spend-A-Lot and his majority party!