Where do you draw the line?

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    How does it work in the U.S or anywhere else for that matter?

    Collections. I have a daily PB with a 1815 ready time. I am supposed to call at 1745 and pull out at 1815. The company ships 100-150 packages per day and I need 30 minutes at least to scan and load it all.

    Today the internet packed up and stalled the processing software. I got a call from my office asking me if I was prepared to wait until 1830. I agreed and said I needed to pull out by 1830 at the latest because I have a 40 minute drive back to the centre.

    At 1837 I pulled out leaving them with approx 60 unlabelled boxes. It was plainly obvious to me that it would take them another hour to finish and I couldn't wait any longer. At 1840 my cellphone rings and my sup is on the line telling me to go back. He has spoken to the manager of my collection and he has told him the boxes will be ready to go in 10 minutes. I tell my sup, no chance. The chances of that are slim to none. I've done my bit. I waited an extra 20 minutes and I can't wait any more.

    My sup tells me to go back and then pull at 1855 if they are still not ready. I ended up getting back to the yard at 1930 and still left about 30-40 boxes behind.

    The thing that really grates on me is the fact that my sup didn't beleive me when I said they would not be done by 1855. This is not the first time this shipper has pushed us to the limit. What happens next time they have a hold up? What is the point of an agreed collection time if they can change it with a phonecall?

    The manager guy at my collection isn't even based at the point I collect from. He is in an office 60 miles away. The girls at the collection point had no idea I was being sent back.

    I'm so annoyed that my management didn't back me up. I will do as much as I can to help my customers. Its my last call of the day but I couldn't take this form of hassle from any of my other collections but they don't ever do it to me.

    Do you lot have similar problems on your collection rounds? I am interested to know if you think I have a gripe.

    I missed my sons parent teacher meeting at his school scheduled for 1940. And I have to pay the childminder extra for picking him up late. Sods law, the one day I wanted to be on time and it all went belly up.

    Still, tomorrow is another day. I wonder who is gonna pi$$ me off.

    Never a dull day:happy2:
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    If the sup says to wait just wait. Bring a book, newspaper, sandwich and sit back back and relax. And when you bring the pieces back to the building at 2100 than maybe someone will open their eyes.

    You get paid by the hour so enjoy the easy overtime waiting, it could be worse you could still be delivering and working for that money.
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    I agree,I used to bring a DVD player and catch up on my movies.Bottom line:they tell you to wait then wait.Don't stress over it.This is how it is every where.
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    We have a couple of larger shippers who have UPS on speed dial for this very reason. We could tell them we have to pull by 1900 and they would beg for 1930. I agree w/Red--if you are told to wait, wait, and let the chips fall where they may. Yes, it sucks, especially if you have something going on that night, but these shippers help ensure that you have a check waiting for you each Friday. I do agree with you that your mgt team should respect your opinion but the bottom line is the account needs to be picked up and since this is your P/U it is up to you to take care of them.

    Keep this in mind when the bid sheet gets posted.
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    Management will NEVER back you up when it comes to these kind of problems. There will always be pickup accounts that know the system and will bend over backwards to ruin your day. Payback are hell though- that's all I will say about that.:peaceful:
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Um... I don't get it?

    You are paid hourly. UPS delivers packages. Customers pay for this service.

    So the boss wanted to pay you for more hours so you could get packages from a paying customer.

    Explain to me why you are upset again?
  7. looper804

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    The reason I would be upset is because of waiting for this 1 customer all the other pick up customers will suffer when I get back too late to make the local sort.
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    Do you dump your air at a shuttle meet point before this pickup stop from hell??? I agree with the others that you should quit trying to outguess management because you will never win. Too bad about the school meeting, that kind of stuff goes hand in hand with this job. How many games have I missed of my kids is astronomical. Pay the "minder" a little bit more for the late hours and relax. Good luck.
  9. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Understand please - I know exactly what you are saying - but the moment the SUP said go back, those were no longer the OPs concern.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The funny thing about this is once it happens where they can get that extra 30 minutes or later they'll do it everytime. Don't know what its like where you're at but its peak season time for us (well almost) but stores aren't wasting time putting out Christmas products for sale, they want people Xmas shopping now,now,now!
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    Paying customer or not, there has to be a time when the day ends. Doesn't matter how much you collect on your rounds if the stuff can't get into the system and start it's journey. Sounds like the supes everywhere need a childminder.
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    I enjoy reading posts from our brothers over there in the UK. We speak the same language...sort of.... but the terms are so different. We call it a "pickup" while they call it a "collection". We work out of a "center" but they work out of a "centre." We take our kids to "day care" or "baby sitters" whilst (I mean "while") they use "child minders". I still havent figured out what "PB" or "sod's law" refers to yet, but I'm intrigued.:happy-very:

    To answer your question, we deal with the same issues over here. What it boils down to is that we are paid by the hour and we have to work as instructed. We have contract language that gives us some recourse if we have to continuously work over 9.5 hours, and we can request an 8 hr day twice a month except during peak season. I am assuming you guys are also union, but your contract language is probably different.

    What I cant figure out...is how the hell I would ever adjust to a package car with the steering wheel on the right side. I have already decided if I ever get the chance to visit England, there is no way I will even try to drive a car.

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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Univers, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Univers, sans-serif]Sod's Law is what we call Murphy's Law[/FONT][/FONT].
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    I thought it was new home construction code where the street side of the lot must be sodded instead of seeded.:happy2:
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    Sometimes using your personal cellphone for company business can bite you in the rear. This looks like one of those times.
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    Sods Law : Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
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    I have a pick up like that. Their pick up time is 1545 everyday. For awhile, I would get there at 1545 and they wanted me to wait, and when I wouldn't (I have other pick ups after them that I can't be late for) they'd call the office complaining. They're a pretty large shipper that gives us a lot of volume (sometimes feeder picks them up) so my sup and manager wanted to make them happy, so they gave them two pick up times.

    I go there at 1545 and do a sweep. I take whatever is ready, and at 1800 another driver goes there and grabs the rest.

    It's often hard for our PU's to understand that we have other customers besides them, but maybe mentioning this idea to your supervisor could solve the problem you're experiencing with the PU holding you up.
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    Thanks for all the replies. To be honest it is not what I was expecting. I thought you all stopped for nothing. I certainly don't! I realise it is my last stop. I don't belong to any union. We have one but it holds little weight with UPS in my opinion.

    I don't feel hard done by and I probably came across as a moaner. I am not. I was annoyed last night because this particular customer has a habit of crying to us when they have a problem. They push it right to the limit and then some. They have fallen out with several of my colleagues and I know of 2 who refuse to even go there to do the collection when asked. This fact may help you to realise what I have to deal with.

    Yes, I am getting paid by the hour but I generally spend my time labelling boxes for them in an attempt to get away on time.

    My center manager was off sick today and of course when I got there they had the same problem as last night. I phoned the center manager direct to explain what had happened last night and I have now been told that I have to pull out at 1830. This gets me back to the centre *sorry center* at 1910 giving the local sort just enough time to turn around and get the flyer van to the airport. We sent the feed late last night and airports dont tend to hang around waiting for you to get to them!

    Big thumbs up to the center manager. What a difference a day makes. Its mentioned further up the thread that my other pickups suffer because of this one. I don't know how things will pan out from here. 9 times out of 10 I am away by 1815. They just really know how to wind me up when they mess things up.

    PB is a UPS term that stands for Permanent Booking. I thought you would know that. What do you call a daily pickup?

    Whats a bid list?
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    A daily pickup.
    Union thing, if a position is avilable they put up a bid list for the employees to bid on, highest seniority gets it.
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    Your lack of experience really shows.

    What good does it do if waiting for those packages causes your air to miss the trailer pull? Or waiting causes your ground trailer to get held up.

    We have to have air back at our center by 1900, 1910 at the absolute latest if it's only a couple pieces.

    2030 is the latest time I've been allowed to return with ground.