Where have all the shielded trailers gone?

Richard Harrow

Oh you guys haven't heard? We're not buying our own new trailers anymore.

Abney sends crack squads out to urban areas of the country looking for abandoned equipment for us to "requisition".

Why, just last week I saw one of our brand new Freightliner Cascadia twin-screws pulling a dilapidated Railway Express Agency trailer onto our property.

Are they aesthetically pleasing to look at? No. But we got a good deal on 'em!


Rick Ross

I'm into distribution!!
I have pulled a couple of Swift trailers this week. As soon as I snapped onto them, I felt dumber.

If get your point but they pull nice, I pulled a brand new one last year and it was smooth! It's hard to believe they screw up so much with how nice their equipment is.

Rick Ross

I'm into distribution!!
I've seen a bunch of PTLZs that are really nice.

Are those the ones with the air valve/button to move the tandems? If so, I pulled a couple of brand new ones last week and they were nice.

For some reason all of our rentals have the tandems all the way forward.