Where is LagunaBrown???

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    LagunaBrown has been missing in action after we had some words on another forum.
    His claim was that a lot of us from L.U.952 that were talking bad about the leadership were TDU/Reformers. This is far from the truth. His dreams of becoming staff at our local is crashing faster than a speeding bullet.
    We expose the fact that his intentions are to get in at the local and he will do anything it takes to get there. He was in Vegas for the unity conference this month all on the members dime. He has been MIA for the last 3 meetings and no one seems to know where he is.
    So where is Waldo? I mean LagunaBrown?
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    He jumped from the Stratosphere.:)
  3. Troll thread? What's the purpose of starting a thread like this. To out the members identity? This is a violation of the TOS
  4. Xexys

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    The OP could be him as this is his first post.
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    Never heard of him or her and I've been her a while. How would a newbie know this name?
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