Where is my surepost package?

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    I am just a surepost customer. I do not work for UPS. Can I post here? I can't find consistent information from UPS and USPS customer service, so I am looking for help (information) here.

    I am expecting a surepost package. On Thursday last week (17th), its tracking says "transferred to postal office". However, since then, there is no update of its status either on UPS or USPS. I called my local postal office, and they told me UPS hasn't dropped off my package to them yet. Everything dropped by UPS are scanned as "arrival at unit" the same day or next morning. I called ups, and they told me "transferred to postal office" means a driver actually dropped off my package at the exact time that tracking information is scanned. I called both UPS and my local postal office several times. Both of them keep telling me the same.

    It seems most people on this forum are people working for UPS. Therefore, maybe you could tell me the real information.

    1.Does a surepost package go directly from UPS hub to its supposed local postal office?
    2.Does a surepost package arrived at its supposed local postal office at the time "transferred to postal office" tracking is scanned?
    3. When you drop off a load of surepost packages to postal office, do you require a signature form some postal worker?
    4. Is there a situation, on some days, surepost packages to a specific local postal office are too many, so they are backlogged?

    Delivery date of my surepost packages becomes increasingly uncertain, so I want to know more about the internal process and have more confidence to push my local postal office if necessary. Thanks!
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    1. Yes
    2. huh?? We pull up to the PO, scan all the packages (and bags), bring them inside, and they sign for them. I cannot speak to when the Post Office scans them, being as it is none of my concern.
    3. Yes, the closest person on the dock. (No, but seriously, we will go the the Manager who's there at that time)
    4. Not to my knowledge. I've been given a route bursting at the seams with surepost crap, so if they Do hold some out....they don't do it for me.
  4. Cementups

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    You can thank the USPS for not being able to find your package. They have the worst tracking in the industry.
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    You can thank the company you purchased from for your tracking nightmare.
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    ‚Äčlol, well played.
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    As a UPS employee, I would never opt to have my package shipped via this method (this usually happens when choosing a free or substantially discounted shipping option). The issue that you are having happens extremely frequently and is unfortunately not unusual.
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    We get it there fast to the post office. After that, not so much...
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    UPS employees staff the UPS facebook page. That is where I would go for an answer.
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    You know that neighbor you have who always gets all your mail and who is tired of having to fix the Postal Service's problems? He has your package.
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    Actually automated spiders do almost all the work and route any identified posts to a customer call center (who are not UPS employees).
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    AMAZON customers beware they are sending more shipments via surepost!!!! past few months that's about all I have delivered to to the post office
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    I've delivered packages Surepost to the post office that sat there for 3 weeks. I know they were moved, but not sure if they were delivered.