Where is that darn box!?

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    So am I the only one spending way too much time playing the easter egg hunt game in the back of my car? I'm a seasonal driver on a all residential route. They have been sending me out with just under 200 stops and about 200-220 packages out of a P700. By the time I get to my route and go through the bulkhead it looks like absolute H*LL back there. Smooth turns and stops don't help. Any pointers on finding these little guys other then checking the DIAD. There is times where trying to find them is a absolute joke and kills my numbers. Welcome to UPS i guess??? :happy2:
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    About the only tip I can offer is to make your preloader go with you. They should have some idea of where they hid those little bastards at. :knockedout:
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  3. packageguy

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    One stop at a time, get your first 10 stops and
    go from there.
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    All you have to do is drive 1 mile; then the pkg. will find you. Works every time. Cardboard is the best camouflage ever!
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    Hate to tell you this, but at the center I worked at, it was common as a driver to start atleast 30 minutes earlier (off the clock), and check every single box.
    Know you route and packages before you leave, basically.

    On days that I was a little late doing "pre-check" in my vehicle, I was always screwed... and had to back track.

    Mind you , our pre-loaders usually didn't last a week or 2 until they quit and got new ones. So, nothing was ever loaded properly.
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    Very true that never fails! It almost seems like a bigger car would be nice so I don't have 50 boxes assigned to shelf 8000. Oh boy I cant wait till December when it will really get fun.
  7. AKX

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    To start with why are you worried about your numbers?
  8. AKCoverMan

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    LOL welcome to UPS may be the best answer. Had a split route yesterday with an add/cut added to it.. 70 stops PALed to shelf six.. and NOTHING on shelves 7 and 8. Needless to say when I got the first four shelves done I burnt some time pulling the pile of 6000s apart and lining them up.. took nearly two full shelves front to back when I was done.

    After that package selection time was nearly nothing!
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    Oops... "yesterday" should be "Friday"
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    I'm lucky enough to be in a hub that has to use the 6 to 1 ratio on a peak driver this year. Sounds like there is about 15 but a good chunk of those are just running air from what I hear.
  11. scratch

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    My advice is to take the time to dig out and line up your first section. Once you get some working room on the shelf, it will be easier to set up. The boxes that fall off the shelf for the rear sections, I would stack in the rear floor and worry about setting them up later in the day. You don't want to lose a lot of time handling the same boxes over and over again. Its worth it to take the little extra time to sort your sections out then to waste a lot of time trying to find a single box for a stop. I quit looking for a box after a certain amount of time, my delivery area is tight enough that I can double back and hit the stop on the way back to the building if I find it later in the day.
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    Have you spoken to the rest of the drivers in your loop. Especially those your loader also loads. Some common mistakes 1000's with 3000's, 2's with 4's; the loader went left instead of right. As soon as you have to start hunting for packages, start lining up the ones you're touching. I like to use the PAL label, it wasn't always the case with me, but I find the PAL is easier to read/locate than the address label. The one drawback with this is the 2 or 3 out of syncs, or flips we have on any given day. It doesn't seem like your too bulky at this point, as long as your deliveries are not oversized you should have lots of room.
  13. brownedout

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    Bigger car always seems like it would be the simple fix. Usually only leads to a bigger mess from my experience. As for an overloaded 8000 shelf there is no fix for a no good/lousy PDS.
  14. Coldworld

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    If your on edd scratch there should be no sorting of the truck of any kind....just moving 8-10 boxes up to the selection area after the last box has been taken from the shelf your working from. If the next box can't be found after looking through the next couple boxes you should move on and " not found" to take it out of the list. If you end up finding it later then dup the stop as you have already been there...even if you didn't find it earlier. Now I'm totally messing with you but that's how they want us to do it and the allowances are so f'ed up because of it.....
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  16. rod

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    Don't kid yourself----a bigger truck only means one thing to UPS---- more space to put packages. You should be working at getting a smaller truck-------but then again that only gets you more miles. Face it-- no doubt about it--you're screwed anyway you put it.
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    Once i clear the 1K section i sort the next area and so on.