Where Your Raises Have Gone

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    Ever wonder why our wages are stagnant and raises so puny if we ever even get one? Here are a few reasons.

    1. Brownbailout.com; FedEx spends millions on a useless stupid campaign to turn public sentiment against UPS. Absolutely, Postively, Retarded.

    2. Politics; Fred spends millions every year just to keep us in line and lucky to make 45k as a full-timer. It's a joke that our political system allows such corruption and concentration of power in one individual.

    3. Pilots; These smart guys went union years ago. They'd like us to stay non-union so Smith can continue paying them industry-leading wages and benefits, including a true generous pension plan. They even got bonuses to sign their latest contract! Notice that they have not said anything about the RLA? We can expect zero support from the fly-boys.

    4. Lavish Upper Management Perks; High salaries, zero-interest loans, stock options, lavish benefit and retirement plans. In this case, you don't get what you pay for. MT3...need I say more?

    5. Stupid Management Tricks; Re-naming Kinko's as FedEx Office. Forcing couriers to drive twice the miles by not allowing P2 to be delivered during P1 cycle. Racism, sexism and age-discrimination lawsuits that are legitimate and costly. The ongoing Ground dispute will be even more expensive and there are dozens of other major lawsuits in the pipeline. All because Fred is so damn cheap and will step over a dollar to pinch a penny. I could go on for days, but I'll spare you.

    6. The Genghis Khan Philosophy of Leadership; Sacrifice all for FedEx...family, friends, marriages, because that's what Fred expects. Over time, the brain and talent drain has left hundreds of Forrest Gumps running the show, with predictable results. Many excellent hourly employees have left too. This creates a skill deficit among the courier force. In a job with a steep learning curve,most leave before they become proficient and make training and hiring costs sky high due to poor retention. Again, step over that dollar to save a penny Freddie. Run, Forrest, Run!!!!

    7. Incredibly Stupid Policies; This kind of goes with Stupid Management Tricks but is deserving of it's own category.
    How about 4 levels of management approval to get a new uniform shirt of pair of pants? 5 levels to hire someone? A 65 mph corporate speed limit? Gee, how many of us go faster than that? Punitive sick and injury policies, extended breaks with no pay, extended breaks with no pay premium for recent hires, an insurance company (CIGNA) that does everything possible to deny every claim it can, no supplies or not enough supplies (bring your own pen), and on and on and on...
  2. Excelent example of why we need UNIONIZATION at Fedex.The only thing you failed to mention is the millions of dollars that Herr Frederick Von Screwemall has paid out in lawsuits for financially raping his employees.All of this anti union propaganda will probably be written off as advertising expenses.Fedex knowingly violates labor laws and when they are caught only re-imburse their employees a small portion of the monies they are due.The biggest farce is when a on the job injury occurs you must use all your sick days before you can go on short or long term disability.EVERYONE GET SMART we need someone to protect us from the Memphis Mafia and that someone is THE TEAMSTERS UNION
  3. I stumbled across this website after viewing fedexaminer...I've read some good posts in here - both positive and negative. For me, I've have pretty good experiences with FedEx.

    FedEx purchased us from McGraw-Hill in March of 2000. (UPS acquired our rival, Fritz.) At that time, our business model did not fit the strategic goals of McGraw-Hill, so they decided to sell us.

    When we came on board, we were delighted to find out that FedEx offered an employer paid retirement plan. Previously, we only had employer matching with our 401(k) accounts, so this was a plus.

    We've adopted much of the FedEx philosophy and, for the most part, it has been a very good transition. FedEx integrated us into their Trade Networks division while keeping our business structure mostly intact.

    In the grand scheme of things, I'm grateful that FedEx acquired us. I only hope and wish that we all find resolve one day that represents the best interest of everyone…:peaceful:
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    Well they gave us "official" word 2% raise NEXT MARCH. The 2% is incremental so only those who are topped out get 2% all others will get various amounts based on current pay...
    401K supposedly coming back.

    I bet Fred and his cronies are all getting the same old big bonus's I don't deny that execs can get a bonus, but man look at the size of these things.. most people will
    never see that kind of money in their lifetimes, and Fred and co. get these year after year... 8 million could bye a lot of Fuel... ;)
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    Exactly, and all of the raises are contingent on improving financial conditions. In other words, no guarantees. Yes, they'll still get their big payouts, and even if we do eventually get 2%, inflation will have eaten-up most of it already. What a joke.
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    This is the "official" conversion of the 2% raise and 401K match that has been floating around Memphis for a couple of months now. It was "official" with the internal email that went out I believe Tuesday.

    There is going to be NOTHING for this year (pay raises). This hasn't even been announced to the hourly employees yet in most stations.

    As Mr FedEx stated, the 2% isn't even a "guarantee". Is was made conditional on a bunch of double talk about the economy improving etc. Even the 2% isn't going to be across the board. It will be made according to performance review scores. I couldn't get confirmation, but it does appear that the top and bottom will move up 2%, and a sliding scale based on performance review will determine how much an employee will get. Speculation (I use that word since my source couldn't confirm it) is that the lowest raise will be 1% and the highest will be 2%, with the performance review scores determining exactly how much between 1 and 2 percent.

    Word is that the lobbyists (FDX) in DC are confident that FedEx will retain its RLA classification at this point. This is part of the reason for the putting out of the internal email on Tuesday (think that was the day).

    Coincidentally, FDX stock jumped 1.25 a share early in the day, and held that price for the day. This was about a 2.5% increase in the value of a share of stock. UPS stock was up slightly, but not much as a percentage of price. More often than not, UPS and FDX stock prices tend to track each other very closely, since the business of each corporation are practically identical (at the corprate level). This was the market reaction to the belief that FedEx will retain its RLA classification.

    If Fred was afraid at this point his status was going to be changed, a decision wouldn't have been made regarding the pay increases at this stage. Doesn't look good for the employees at this stage. By the end of next week, we should know if the Senate will change the classification in the reauthorization bill.
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    Does anyone here have contact numbers for anyone in DC who knows what's going on? I hope you're wrong and that Fred's lobbyists have blown their wad of cash in vain. Could the opposite be true....that Fred knows he's losing and is going to pull Plan C out of his butt, which would be to send E2 and Express Saver over to Ground?

    Attitudes and morale are so bad at my station that we're ready to just walk-off the job and see what they do. They can't fire all of us...who would make deliveries?

    By the way, have you noticed that all of the Ground trailers have disappeared from Express ramps while all of this RLA stuff has been going on? I guess Fred doesn't want anyone from UPS to see him moving Express pkgs via Ground. Wonder why...
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    Managers are telling us that the bill will most likely not change thank god.:smart:
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    Actually, since a manager told you, it's probably a lie and the bill will change. Dude, you're exactly the type of employee that Fred wants.If he could, he'd clone 50,000 of you tomorrow. Bahhhhhh!!! Bahhhhh!!! Roll over and let Fred shear you again. Sickening.
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    UPS and FDX stock prices tend to track each other very closely, since the business of each corporation are practically identical (at the corprate level). This was the market reaction to the belief that FedEx will retain its RLA classification.

    Also identical at the delivery level. Haven't seen a plane land at Walmart's dock yet.
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    Does anyone know if certain members have their posts delayed before being publically viewable? I've noticed that a few people have their posts become viewable more than an hour after the time indicated (adjusting for GMT -8). I'd pull up a thread, and then refresh the page and a post would pop up that was done more than 60 minutes prior.
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    I'm afraid his information is closer to being correct. The "panic" that was present in Memphis just two weeks ago has subsided. The information right now is very sketchy, but it does appear that Fred's lobbyist have been successful in keeping the RLA status intact. This is the primary reason for the email going out that eliminated the possibility of raises for this year, and moved the "2% option" to next year replacing what should've been the "6.5% option".
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    Do you ever have anything positive to say?I bet you are that guy at your job that everyone hates.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Mr. Fedex is pro-UPS and always ends his posts with a dig at FDX management and his Uncle Fred. He must be a hoot to work with.
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    I'm on "infraction" status, which means my posts must be approved by a moderator before they are shown. Everything I write is time-delayed.
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    No, I'm well-liked. At my location we dislike the brainless suck-ups.
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    As they say, "Don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes". If you worked for FedEx you might just feel the same way.
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    I see where my raise is going...


    Fred Smith, founder, chairman, CEO and president of Memphis-based FedEx Corp., has joined the short list of people whose names are circulating as potential bidders for a majority stake in the St. Louis Rams.

    Smith has the financial resources to buy an NFL franchise. His nearly 20 million shares of FedEx stock alone are worth about $1 billion and his annual base salary tops $1.1 million. He already owns a 10 percent stake in the Washington Redskins — which he would have to sell — worth about $150 million, based on Forbes magazine’s $1.5 billion valuation of the team.

    Smith’s long-running relationship with the NFL and its owners, his business background, and his family’s passion for football would make him an ideal lead owner in the nation’s wealthiest and most prestigious sports league, industry sources say.

    “Fred Smith would be an owner straight out of central casting for the NFL,” said Mark Ganis, president of Chicago-based consulting firm Sportscorp Ltd. “He would be very well received in NFL circles. They know him well. He is an entrepreneur who built a business from scratch into one of the most successful companies in the world. He has a marketing and customer service background. He has a love of the game of football. And he looks the part.”
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    There you go. "And he looks the part"? It's always amazing that there's nothing in the till for us, yet he can afford an NFL franchise. Do you think this will be mentioned on the corporate website as we ration pens and eliminate coffee service? What an effing hypocrite.