Where's my vacation time?

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    Greetings all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been with UPS (part-time) for one year as a pre-loader as of September. My question is how much vacation I should have received after my 1 year seniority date? I was told I would receive a week plus some sick days. My last paycheck showed VAC 4.00 H and OPD 1.00 D. If I'm reading this correct it means that I have 4 hrs of vacation and 1 optional payday?? I have never missed a day of work and this seems ridiculous or incorrect...
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    I'll put my two cents in here with the caveat that I'm not positive of my words, but back in the day, after you did a year w/seniority, you got your 3 weeks of vacation.
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    Each year you work you earn next years vacation time.So being that you have worked a full year you will get vacation next year Jan.2013. But according to your check stub you should have two days available before the end of this year Dec.2012 although I wouldn't plan any time off in Dec.If you don't take them they will pay you off sometime in Dec.
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    Thanks for the response Johney. This clarifies and helps greatly. :peaceful:
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    No problem, but let me clarify that you have 4 hours(1 day p/t pay) and 1 option day which I'm not exactly sure what that means in hours for a p/t'r.
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    3.5 hours for the option day.
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    That's what I thought I just wasn't sure. Thank you.