Whew, close call.

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    I always read stories about these happening, but you never really think it could happen to you. Until it does. We have a driver who does a mountain route, she has less than 25 days until she retires. I guess on feb 8th. Around noon, she lost control of the package car. Ended up going off a 200ft cliff. Amazingly she didn't get any scratches/no broken bones/or any serious injury. Of course the management had to ask the 3 top questions. 1). Is the package car ok? 2). Who will get the rest of the packages delivered? 3). Do we have a cover driver available or will a road supervisor have to fill in? Then they finally asked, how's the driver doing?

    I didn't get to see a picture of the truck, but other drivers said if anyone was in the passenger side they would have died instantly. I guess from what I heard, if she was 20inches to the right the tree would have gotten her. Talk about lucky. I wish her the best of luck.

    Also remember, as they say in the UPS magazine, your last stop is the most important! (make it home safe, and keep up the good work!)
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    I remember 20 years ago calling in to report my package car was burning in the middle of an intersection. THE first words out of my center manager's mouth were, "Guess you're on lunch now..."
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    Who says the company doesn't have a heart. Your center manager was worried that you weren't getting your nutrition.
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    I hope she gets the next 25 days, I think Id go now.............Tell her happy retirement. She deserves it!
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    She will, like it or not!
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    Glad to hear she will be okay. Was weather a factor?
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    is she from sunnyvale hub?
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    why how many people do you you no who drove over a cliff last week?
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    Man, so hard to believe that "THE first words out of my center manager's mouth were, "Guess you're on lunch now...
    Hoo boy. Made you feel good didn't it? NOT ......
    How terrible Over9five.
    I was going to say sir out of respect, but DS has calibrated me on the sir post.
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    It's the most frequent in our center.
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    I drove over a dog named Cliff once.