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    Since the wife is deployed I figured I would just log in under her user name.

    I started driving May 2008 and just hit my 2 year mark. I asked our union rep which book I go by so I knew what my 2 year raise would be. He told me the new one. So when I looked at my check today it shows my raise being from the old book. I am not to worried, but if it is the new one I go by then UPS should fix it. So I wanted to see what you guys think.
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    I assume you are a full-time package car driver.

    Because you made full-time seniority prior to August 1, 2008, you should have been getting the general wage increases every August 1st, and February 1st. according to Article 41, Section 1.

    According to Article 41, Section 2, (c) you are still under the Article 41, Section 2, (c) language of the old Contract. The advantage is that under the "old" language, you take the big jump to Top Rate after 2.5 years, instead of three years as the new Contract requires.

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