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    In the past, if you forgot your ID, a supv. would come and sign you in. Now, no ID, you are denied access to the center and not allowed to work.

    I asked our Steward and it appears he doesn't want to make waves. Could this be covered under past practice. One good thing, it's a green light to take a day off.

    Any suggestions?
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    On peak day, forget your ID. Call in and say you can't make it, you forgot your ID. :knockedout:

    Seriously, I do not see why a sup cannot come and sign you in. Was there a sign-in sheet? perhaps they were overstaffed and saw an opportunity to take advantage of this.

    File a grievance for someone lower in seniority working if a call-in list was available in guardshack and the company decided to lay you off for the day.
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    We didn't have a guard shack but were issued IDs at one point, they told us we HAD to wear them but in a week or so no one enforced the rule when people forgot to wear them. We sure never were sent home for not having them.
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    Here's a thought--make sure you are prepared for work before you come to work.
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    Grow up and be prepared for work everyday.

    How hard is it to bring your ID to work everynight. This shouldn't be a problem but apparently for you it is. I could see it happening once then I would change the way I do thing to make sure that I always have my ID with me.

    I have some suggestions that might help you.

    1. Put your ID in your wallet
    2. Leave your ID in your car
    3. Leave your ID in your lunch pail
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    When your Mom drops you off have her remind you to bring your ID.
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    Call Klein, maybe you guys could hang !!
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    Are you talking about your Employee ID Number to punch in, or a physical ID Card?

    Is your facility an airport or restricted air operation??? UPS may be required to deny you entry by TSA if you don't have your badge.

    "Past Practice" is a well-established doctrine in Labor Relations covering certain issues not addressed in the Contract.

    But check for a "Maintainence of Standards" clause in your Supplement, as well as language guaranteeing you work as long as you show up.
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    THE ONLY problem is that it would not be day off but a no call no show.this is probably the real reason they are doing this.
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    My guess is that they are doing this because there are a lot of irresponsible people showing up without ID. In a large building or hub, it can take 20 minutes or more to walk out to the guard shack and back.

    What would you do if you were the person that had to stop what you were doing, hike out to the guard shack and hike back, still do your normal work, not get paid for any additional time and still be expected to get all your work done?

    How long would it take before you put a stop to it?

    There's no ulterior motive, it's just a big waste of someone else's time.