Which one is considered the hub or the place where package handlers work?

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    The UPS Customer Center or The UPS Store? ...or Neither?
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    Derp? Erm, ok. A hub is a larger center through which packages are routed for other centers. Hub is often just how inside employees refer to the center, however by definition the hub is the center which connects others.

    Check this out:
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    Ok Derp, A hub is a larger UPS building that is a crossroads for our shipping lanes. The smaller cities that have centers usually truck their packages to a hub for distribution. A hub would have more employees than a center. A UPS Store is a contractor store that is separate from UPS...although they use our name. UPS owns them the same way a McDonalds owns a franchise. They are technically still Mail Boxes ETC...at least over here. Hope that helps a little bit.
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    thanks sortaisle