which vacation plan am I supposed to pick?

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  1. so I have 3 options

    1. Take Option B as a forty/twenty hour vacation week in lieu of two option days. Birthday, day after plus one additional day

    2. Maintain 4 individual holidays(2 floater, birthday, day after bday)

    3. Cash out option B for forty/twenty straight time hours

    Few things:

    -My birthday passed already so does that mean if I pick #1, I don't get my birthday/day off/additional day?

    -my building manager recommended me to take #3 because he said since my birthday passed already, I wouldn't get it anymore. Might as well cash it out for forty/twenty straight hours. (I don't plan on taking this since it sounds like a trap, he wants me in the building)

    - and is it true that every year, I get to change the option plans? Building manager told me that you can but I don't believe jack chit management says. It's all a trap!
  2. scratch

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    You get to pick your vacation plan every year. We don't get our birthday off unless we pick that day as an option day or take a vacation week.
  3. Dr.Brown

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    I like individual days myself
  4. So is that 2 weeks of vacation and 4 floater days?

    I'm kinda confused on how it works. He told me to pick 2 weeks I want off and I picked it. my birthday was in February so is there no point of me picking option 2?
  5. So I should pick #2? For me it activates after my 1 year which is in 2 months. So after that 2 months, I have 2 weeks of vacation and 4 floaters?(meaning even tho my bday passed, I can still pick which 4 days I want off?)

    Edit: or does it mean, next year on feb 2017?
  6. Dr.Brown

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    29 hours of pt option week I believe..

    never took option days while I was part time... didn't know about it until I went full time
  7. UnsurePost

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    You will get one week plus the floater days, which you can combine into another week (at least in this region...

    On your two year anniversary, you will get to pick your 2nd week vacation, floating days aside.
  8. scratch

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    The vacation pick times and when the vacation year starts varies in different parts of the country according to local contracts. I get six weeks paid vacation after 25 years plus I have seven option days and one personal day. I can take the options as a seventh week vacation, cash them in, or break them up into paid days off. I take mine as days off with pay.
  9. Dr.Brown

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    how many 2 weekers do you use?
  10. scratch

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    I have just taken two weeks off at a time once in my forty years. I like to space mine out about every two months and take two of them in the worst of the Summer heat. I'll pick the weeks off before a Monday holiday to get that extra day too, like the week after this one.
  11. By The Book

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    If your looking to be paid for 20 hours vacation and have a full week off, option 1 is the best choice. If you want to be paid 16 hours and splitting up the days, option 2 is the choice. Option 3 gives you no time off but gives you more money.
  12. Dr.Brown

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    next year I will be taking 2 2 weekers in July and August.... friggin hot
  13. bleedinbrown58

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    By birthday.....does this guy mean to say "seniority date"??