Whistleblower on the Miami Dolphins

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Integrity, Nov 9, 2013.

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    I think it is a good thing when someone takes the risk to blow the whistle on an obviously corrupt culture of intimidation and harassment in an organization.

    What are your thoughts on this player's whistleblowing?

    What are your thoughts about whistleblowing in general?

    My experience has me convinced that most organizations with a corrupt culture fear and hate whistleblowers.

  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I wouldn't call him a whistleblower. An NFL locker room is not like any other workplace; that being said, Icognito took it way too far, effectively ending his career, at least with the Dolphins.

    Martin does need to grow some thicker skin if he expects to stay in the league much longer.
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    We have a sports forum and an NFL thread...........
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    ...and two or more Obama threads.....what's your point?
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    The mods need to move it to the proper forum.......this isn't sports .
    As far as the Obama threads....only Obama is spoken there. If I have something to say about the Yankees, I head to the Sports and baseball thread. A place for everything.....etc!
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    This thread was about whistleblowers in general and cited the Miami Dolphin's situation as a reference. It is in the right forum.

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    Bullying is the subject not football. Now go post another Obama hatred thread.
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    ..."What are your thoughts on this player's whistleblowing? " (Integrity)

    This is the first question asked by Integrity. This player ???
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    For better or worse, locker room hazing is and always has been a part of football culture. However, I think Icognito crossed the line by making threats and racial comments. When I played football in high school there were locker room pranks, the underclassmen got pushed around a little, made fun of, and we had to fetch the water and haul the equipment back from the field after practice while the seniors rested, but at no point was there racial or sexual harassment of the sort that Icognito was dishing out. Martin was right to "blow the whistle" but in doing so he almost certainly ended his career.
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    What I have a problem with is blowing the whistle 8 months after the worst of it happened. Also he's his back up I think. Maybe a little more behind it than we know.
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    I love the name Richie Incognito