White House calls for new law targeting 'offshore' Web sites

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    White House calls for new law targeting 'offshore' Web sites - CNET

    After the unprecedented outcry against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act -- designed to target offshore copyright-infringing Web sites -- supporters of the bills on Capitol Hill backed down and moved on to other topics.

    But the White House today reignited the congressional debate by throwing its weight behind legislation targeting offshore Web sites. "We believe that new legislative and non-legislative tools are needed to address offshore infringement," today's report (PDF) says
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    Is this going to be bhos' new " it's their fault " flavor of the week ?
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    [h=4]1st April 1962: Radio Syd began broadcasting from mv.Cheeta, anchored off Malmo Sweden, on 89.62 MHz.[/h]
    The Pirate Radio hall of Fame

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    Good find Cheryl. Tx!