White UPS Worker Alleges He Was Fired to Appease Latino Employee

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    White UPS Worker Alleges He Was Fired to Appease Latino Employee - My News LA

    A former United Parcel Service employee is suing the company, alleging that as a white worker he was wrongfully fired in 2017 and made a “sacrificial victim” of the firm’s desire to appease a Latino employee who had brought unfounded discrimination complaints against the package-delivery giant.

    Mason McConn’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges wrongful termination, racial discrimination, retaliation, defamation and false light invasion of privacy. Along with UPS he is suing the Latino worker, Pedro Flores, and company human resources employee Gerald Yee.

    The suit filed Wednesday seeks unspecified damages and an injunction directing UPS to not discriminate or retaliate against employees.
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    This is right in your wheelhouse

    Go gettem
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    Wondering when this was going to happen.

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    With Drumpf in the white house and two new Supreme Court Justices, nothing surprises me.
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    Well better a Latino than an African American, right. If not....UPS will be in non-existence.
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    But how do we know its BS?

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    Reverse racism is a fallacy.
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    How about the white firefighters overlooked with better test scores in NY a few years back, only to hire black firefighters with lower scores just to fill a quota?

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    Okay Alex Jones.

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    A federal judge is ordering the New York City Fire Department to implement racial quotas to address grievances from minorities who failed entrance exams.

    On July 5 in Brooklyn, Nicholas G. Garaufis, a Clinton-appointed judge for the Eastern District of New York, issued a ruling that requires two of every five newly hired fireman to be black and one of every five, Hispanic -- until the department has fulfilled the court-ordered quota of 186 black and 107 Hispanic "

    Yeah, hire guys that have peoples lives in their hands just because you don't have enough.

    Federal Judge Imposes Racial Quota on FDNY, Responding to Minorities Who Failed Entrance Exams

    "Further, Judge Garanufis ruled that minorities who were not hired because they failed the entrance exams must be paid a “retroactively higher salary” and receive “retroactive seniority” once they are hired through the new quota system"

    I was a firefighter once upon a time, not in NY but I took the test in Texas, and I didn't see any way it could be biased toward one race or the other, unless you are trying to say blacks or Hispanics aren't intelligent enough to pass it. That would be like saying the ASVAB is biased.

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    Educate yourself.
    Racial Bias in New York Fire Dept. Exams Can Lurk in the Details
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    I just read the entire article and not once did it show an example of racial bias. The example they gave was about a saw and it said it could lean towards people who have a family history of firefighters. Last time I checked, firefighters aren't a racial group.

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    When the majority of generstional firefighters are white it is.
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    Because the majority of people that were firefighters up north like Boston and New York from the time of the inception were irish. You know many black Irish? When they came in from ellis island they stayed up in that area.

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    Thanks for proving my point.
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    I didn't, im saying historically they have been Irish, but that question could be answered by anyone that studied up on firefighting. Which you would do if you want to be one and take a test, they sell exam books and practice tests. So blacks aren't able to be prepared and study?

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    Apparently the judge found that many of the questions didn't pertain to the job but only to those prevy the fire department that was predominantly white and generational. I'm sorry you can't understand what is discriminatory and what is subjective.