Who counts the votes?


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Is there someone that oversees the vote count to keep it honest or can I just assume it will be fixed and were screwed..

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Votes will be counted on 11/20/08 by the IBT. I am sure the company will have REPs on hand as well. Maybe even people from the NLRB?


An outside firm always controls the ballots. Each ballot is barcoded and a permanent record kept in case of recounts or verification by the DOL or the NRLB.

The Hoffa administration cannot touch the ballots so put that one to rest.



Who the *$#@ cares.
The ballots are not barcoded, have you looked at your ballot?

The ballots are mailed to Hoffa's house for the count in November! :scared:

and no we dont have to wait till 11/20/2008 for the count, its this year.


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It's an outside company.

I hate how so many people just assume that the vote is rigged. Being skeptical and making sure you are aware of the process is always in order, but thinking that the vote is rigged works to no one's advantage. Well it does work to some people's advantage, but it certainly isn't yours. If people assume that it doesn't matter they are less likely to vote, and turnout is important. Besides, Hoffa is a politician. No way he'd give his many opponents (he's created more than he already had with this contract) an opening like that. If there's even the slightest hint of something fishy going on he's got hordes of guys who will pounce.
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Who the *$#@ cares.
Yes no doubt your probably right, i think the main problem is getting everyone or atleast the majority to vote! Hell, its not that hard to open the envelope and mark down your decision and seal it back up and drop it in the mailbox, but i do realize there are people that are extremely lazy and cant do this.

Regardless of how they do vote, they should atleast VOTE!