Who gets the grievance money?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dillweed, May 3, 2011.

  1. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    I have a question. If several people file grievance on the same supervisor working who gets the money? Does it go to the high seniority person in that work group or is it split among all who file? Thanks
  2. washington57

    washington57 New Member

    seniority does but i think you can split it if everyone is ok with it.
  3. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    You should tell your union rep that you want it split so as to prevent the target from getting attached to one person's back.

  4. CustomerConcern

    CustomerConcern New Member

    Only one grievance will get filed and usually goes to a layoff hourly first then to the most senior who filed.

    FUnny about the target Menotyou
  5. steward71

    steward71 Active Member

    I don't know who told you it goes to the layoff perosn, but in my area if it is a group grievance then it goes to the highest sr. If your name is the only one on the grievance then you get the money. the panel in this area has stated the person who is filling must have the right time, what the super sup was doing and they must see the event. i will file on super sups working and have never been told that the money goes to the layoff person. i have been given the checks on all of them even when people have been on layoff. now they (union) will use the grievances to get the layoff perosn back to work by showing the super sups are working and there should not be a layoff person.
  6. Anonymous 10

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  7. dcdriver

    dcdriver nations capital

    All checks come to me.
  8. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Remember, if someone is afraid if filing on say sups working, you can offer to file for them. If they are willing to give the information concerning the violation you can hold that sup accountable. Just make sure you let that person know that you'll be filing based on the information they gave you, and that monies received will go to you.
  9. The Other Side

    The Other Side Well-Known Troll Troll

    Geez, dont any of you read the fricken contract?

    Its clear, the most seniority person filing gets paid on the grievance should it be paid. There is no splitting, or layoffs involved. Example, preload sup loads a car. They sent the preloader home. I, as a driver observe the sup working, I file for the time, later the preloader finds out he was sent home and the sup finished his work.

    I GET PAID. Period.

  10. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I know what the contract says. I just think it would be nice if a group(preload) wants to split it, to protect themselves, they can. UPS changes the rules whenever they want. So, we should be able to, too.
  11. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the great replies! Good food for thought here.

    On one side, it wouild be nice to split. On the other, if the contract says seniority, then it should go that way. Stick to the contract as management should. Good when you're on top, sucks when you're not. 'tis the nature of the Union.

    Oh, theotherside - I admit laziness in not looking up the contract!
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I think a great use of any "supervisor working" grievance money would be pizza for everyone on the shift. I would even offer the supervisor in question a slice or two.
  13. steward71

    steward71 Active Member

    If you want to place your name on the grievance and then get paid for it and then if you want to cash the check, then split the check with others who gave you the info. that is your doing but you will pay the tax. GEEZ I guess there are ways around the union and UPS. GEEZS I guess i can read the contact and be nice at the same time. GEEZ.
  14. CustomerConcern

    CustomerConcern New Member

    Local practice is if a Sup is caught working and there is a layoff we make sure that money goes to the layoff...GEEZ. I have never heard of a group grievance...is it in the "frickin contract"? All I got is this lil black book....:P
  15. brownIEman

    brownIEman Well-Known Member

    Actually, Article 3 Section 7 Supervisors working section of the National Master says the Agrieved party, ie, the person who's work is being done by the supervisor, gets the greivance money. Only if an agrieved party cannot be identified does it then go to the filer. Do you have a suplement or local practice that is in contravention of the national master (and designed to screw part time insiders?)
  16. steward71

    steward71 Active Member

    Let me say Not making fun of the other side. So, Customer Concern a group grievance is a grievance filed by memebers who are harmed or affected by a large issue. Lets say like for the last two weeks on my shift the super sups have been working and and sending people home and not letting them get the 3.5. So about 30 of use are getting old butt treatment by UPS. So we all stand outside and we get people to sign the grievance about the super sups working which at this time we have about over 65 hours with the dates and time the super sup have been working. I will file this on the behalf of all employees on my shift. Then when I get the check I will cash the check and we give the employees the money who signed the grievance. So if you have 65 hours from about 30 people and base it on my pay rate then it comes to about 40 dollors after taxes per person. We my file on anything that effects us as a whole in a group grievances. GEEZ I guess that is not in our frickin contract. Not making fun of your post. But group grievances do go a long way at panels it shows there is a large concern by the employees and the panel will most of the time pay attention to the issue.
  17. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    hmm There was no discussion among employees about a grievance. We are not a united group at all. Each for himself and that's a shame. I understand how a group-signed grievance could be a powerful tool but no way Jose in our center.
  18. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    That is too bad. Start bringing cookies. Food is a powerful tool.:wink2:
  19. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    This needs to be addressed in the next contract. By intentionally short staffing a sort, then using that to supplement with management is morally wrong and should be contractually wrong.
  20. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    Nice thought, menotyou, but these people are like wild dogs. They would come, snatch the cookie then bite the hand that fed them.

    As with a pack of wild dogs they rip one person apart at a time. Everyone turns, hurts and attacks. Once the amusement has faded they pick another person and do the same. For some odd reason the "picked ons" seem to want back into the pack. I stand on my and watch, have never been much of a pack animal.