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    Since I noticed I have been posting to each thread as they are listed..

    ( I am waiting for my ribs to finish smoking on the grill)

    I am curious if the Mods know who has posted the most on BrownCafe...

    I am guessing TieGuy is in the top 10 (I think)

    If there is a simple way to check this I apologize for not knowing it in advance...

    Have a great 3-day weekend everyone...
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Moreluck - 18,492
    tieguy - 10,248
    Over9five - 8449
    UpstateNY - 6377
    Dilligaf -5746
    dannyboy - 5000
    wkmac - 4896
    trplnkl - 4464
    StevetheUPSguy - 4323
    toonertoo - 4168
    705red - 3824
    Hoaxster - 3801

    I'm not in the top ten but if I start posting from work, I can get past 705red. :wink2:
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    that's hardcore...