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    Hey again....just finished week 4 and still loving it (I know, I know, I'll give it time). Anyways, I'm doing well. I work my tail off all day and I guess its been noticed. I just learned about scratch and I guess I'm right on. I do take my lunch, I just don't take 60 mins straight. I take 15-20 minutes a few times throughout the day....make a phone call, eat, read...etc. I'm a casual, but I've been lucky enough to have the same route every day because the driver who has the route volunteered to be a cover driver.
    I've been talked to by some of the drivers about making list and I've been talked to by some of the Sups about going into management.
    Aside from opinions on management vs union, who actually hires the full time drivers that "make list?"
    I am an outside hire...got on as a casual and I don't know how many slots are open. But is it the center manager, the union, the sups or someone else that makes the decision on who makes list?
    And again, I'm nothing but appreciative to be working and it is an added benefit to be working with some of the people I've had the privilege to meet. This isn't an easy job and everyone from the preloaders to the feeder drivers to the sups have all ben helpful to me.
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    With an attitude like that. When the time comes, ultimately it will be you who decides ! Good Luck !
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    Im pretty sure you can put your name on a list freely and it is not really subject to a "decision". The decision(s) comes once you gained enough seniority to take a permanent FT slot

    The Company via the manager/hr does the hiring. The Union enforces the rules for hiring as expressed in collective bargaining agreement. Management must hire for the permanent FT driver jobs in accordance to that agreement. Management may exercise limited discretion as the amount(business needs etc) of drivers pulled from that list and who makes "book". The Union has the right to protest that manner and pace in which UPS hires from that list.

    All Permanent FT union jobs are based upon seniority, once management/union decide on the amount of demand, management must fill the demand based upon seniority.

    You being a outside hire, i would presume that once your name is on a any list, you would be below established union employees and would have to wait it out.
    Im sure there are plenty of ppl on this forum that can give you a better breakdown or correct what i've said, basically experts.
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    Being that your off the street you best bet to make some money quickly is prob go into management. Unless your lucky and they are due for an off the street hire.
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    They are going to use and abuse you till Dec 24. Then they are going to lay you off. You will also get a week or two off in Sept. If they do decide to hire on as a FT driver it won't be untill after the first of the year sometime.

    Good luck
  6. Jackburton

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    All I got from that is a FT driver came of his route and it should be rebid instead of you running it.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It sounds as though the area he is running is a bid training route and the bid driver was not being nice--he bid the run knowing that he would have to vacate it for a month if they needed to train a new driver.
  8. Coldworld

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    Or he went off the route to go do country routes for a few months...that happen herea few years ago and there were some drivers who wernt very happy and grieved it...
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    Not sure where you are, but here if you get your 30 days in before OCT. 1st you're in.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    He is a casual he isn't a off the street hire he will never make his 30 days unless he still working after Jan 1st He will get laid off the last two or the last week in Sept. and then on Dec 24. Then he will get rehire again next June to cover vacations....
  11. Light Beer

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    From what I've been told, the driver volunteered to cover other routes before he goes on vacation. I've talked to him a few times to pick his brain and he couldn't be a nicer, more helpful guy.
  12. Johney

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    Sorry he say's he's an outside hire/casual(not sure what that is). Here outside hires who get 30 days before Oct.1st gain seniority. he says he has 4 weeks in so if he worked everyday that's 20 days already,10 more he's in. Oct.1st through Dec.31 are the only time you can't count towards seniority. At least here.
  13. Light Beer

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    This is what I've been told:
    -I was hired as a casual driver, but the guys that tell me what to do seem to use the terms "casual" and "seasonal" interchangeably.
    -There is a 2 week layoff starting 1 Sep for me.
    -I am not guaranteed to come back for the winter (I'm not guaranteed anything actually)
    -For every person in my position to be hired as a FT driver, there need to be 5 in company hires first.
    -If I get in an accident or get hurt, I'm out of the job.

    I have no false expectations at all. This is a great job and I enjoy the fact that it is competitive. I keep my mouth shut and do what I'm supposed to do. I say hello to everyone I see and learn from the senior drivers as much as I can. I've been lucky to be doing the same route every day and it seems most of the other casuals in my center are doing the same route every day (at least for the past 3 weeks). I work hard and I work safe and right now I'm focusing on completing every shift and looking towards a longer term goal of being asked to come back for the winter season.
    I appreciate all the comments and please let me know If what I think I know is wrong or if you guys can tell me anymore.
    Am I allowed to post what center I work at on here?
  14. Johney

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    Ok wherever you are it's different than here. Good luck and be safe maybe you will eventually get on full-time.
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    Can a guy dream about getting a little bit of strange every once in a while??
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    Just keep doing what your doing. BE safe take your time work the meths and don't get hurt or in an accident and your will have a chance to get hired FT...

    Yes you can post the center your work out if your want. Some people do other don't.
  17. Light Beer

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    Okay great. I'm at the Waltham center in Watertown, MA.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    I'm on the other side of the state. I live the Berkshires but work out of Springfield right now.
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    This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Good night Johnboy
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    anonymous. What is the status of an inside sorter who is DQ'ed on a casual driver bid? Or if the casual driver bid sucks so much that the sorter wants to back inside to his old hub P/T gig?