Who Is Right?

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    Here is a scene from the movie "Extreme Measures".... quick story... One doctor (Hackman) is trying to find a cure for spinal injuries. He uses human test patients who are not volunteering as a guinea pigs. Another doctor (Hugh Grant) unravels the mystery of all of these people that are disapearing. Here is where the movie is nearing its conclusion, and thus brings us the question "Who is Right?"
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    sorry,,, shouldve put the link up,,,, would help things quite a bit.....

    Extreme Measures - Gene Hackman & Hugh Grant

    Ok,,, NOW,,,, who is right?
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    MPO No one has the right to play God. No one has the right to decide for another whether they live or die in the name of testing.
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    On a slight tangent, I just saw the movie "My Sister's Keeper" which involves a girl who was conceived medically for the sole purpose of providing "spare parts" for her terminally ill sister. The movie focused on the rights of the child and whether parents have the right to play God, to sacrifice the quality of life of one child in order to benefit another.