Who just got the ups robocall?


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Yup. They left me a voicemail. Touting some phone call tomorrow with details about the contract. Really trying to push this sheet on us. Why would the company be calling me about this? Just makes this contract even more suspect. VOTE NO


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Have they released the proposed contract yet? So far I just see bits and pieces, I’d love to read it ALL FOR MYSELF. Thanks.


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just got it too
Hi, this is mason, and I was calling on behalf of UPS to invite you to participate in our blah blah blah.

WHO THE :censored2: IS MASON?

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Judge me.
Had a missed call from unknown two days ago, no voicemail. Call from unknown today, answered it. "High, this is (some name, started with a D, I think) calling on behalf of ups". hung up.

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Got the call. Maybe my vote would have been swayed if the robot had a nice southern accent and shown some southern hospitality and courtesy. Since it was a generic sounding character; my vote remains steadfast....NO

Here is my guess of one of the topics that will be hit on heavily in the call Sunday.

UPS even implies so in this quote from upsers.com

Take these opportunities to learn more about how we are working together to face a changing world and a competitive landscape unlike anything we have faced before.

Do they think Amazon Delivery Contractors will be any different from RPS, Airborne, DHL, Amazon Drivers, etc. They all failed. The PO is bleeding cash. And in a few years you will see tons of Amazon Vans for sale on the side of the road due a bad business model.