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    If you're an hourly employee....it isn't you. Our March "raise" should be proof-positive to all but the most senior employees that FedEx doesn't want you to be a career employee. They want to use and abuse you for 5 years or so, and then toss you out. If you get hurt or make an enemy in management, make that 2 or 3 years.

    Even if you did get 5 or 6%, consider just how far you have gone in reverse for the last 15 years or so. Your net "gain" has really been an enormous net loss. FedEx hasn't even kept up with the cost of living, and when you factor in the loss of your retirement plan, the payoff for Fred has been huge. The PPA and the word "retirement" don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation.

    While you have lost, who has gained? That would be the pilots, who have seen big raises with each new contract negotiated. How big? That's confidential, because Fred doesn't want the rest of us to know anything about their compensation, medical plan, or pension, because if you did, you'd be really :censored2:. I know a few pilots, and they won't give specifics, but they are quite content. My guess is that they have been explicitly told by their leadership not to divulge what they get.

    Who else? Upper management. For every penny that they can extract from us, upper management is handsomely rewarded. Check the annual report to see how much Dave, MT3, and the other top people make. Remember that those figures don't include perks like interest-free loans. While we spiral downward, they are rocketing upward. Whoever concocted this latest pay scheme will be handsomely rewarded for producing maximum hype with a minimal investment.

    As Ricochet1a pointed out, they may have been thinking that accelerating a relative handful of employees to topout has reduced interest in a unionized workplace. It appears to me that this has exploded in their faces, because the real effect has been to blatantly show lower to mid-range employees that they mean NOTHING. Thousands of you are finally realizing that there is zero career potential in this company, and that they don't want you beyond the 5 years I mentioned before. If you are a senior employee, there is even more incentive to paint a target on you and maneuver your ass right out the door, because if you can't make SPH, it's "good-bye", "we love you", "P-S-P Lives"...but you're fired. We want to replace you with a 22 year-old who doesn't know their ass from :censored2: in the ground but will "work as directed" and drive like a fool because they "believe" in FedEx. It will take most of them 2 to 3 years to figure out the ream job they're getting, and then they'll move on down the road.

    Wake-up, sign the card, and spread the word among the feeble-minded. "Pandas are People, My Friend", but you're nothing.
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    If the pilots had the Express division's back (and vice versa) wouldn't Freddy Panda rethink how he treats the very people responsible for the core of the revenue for Fedex? Why not hire a third party to review just how fair or unfair our pay structure compares to the "Industry Standard"? With our luck FP would probably meet with the 3rd party in some dark alley with a thick envelope to make sure the results favor his interests.